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What is Counter Depth Refrigerator?

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Counter-depth refrigerators are new modern refrigerators created for functionality with excellent aesthetics. It is a type of refrigerator whose design matches the depth of countertops giving it an inbuilt appearance.

This new refrigerator design is sleek and suits any kitchen layout, especially for individuals who lean towards a minimalist aesthetic.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Design

Counter Depth Refrigerator Design

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

The refrigerator’s outward appearance from the front is similar to any other kind of large and modern refrigerator. However, this changes when you move to the side, where you now start seeing a difference.

The term counter depth refers to the distance between a room’s backsplash and the edge of the counters. A counter-depth refrigerator is designed to fit in this space without extending for more than one or two inches outward.

Since it is narrower than most conventional refrigerators, you would imagine that it has less storage space on the inside due to reduced depth. On the contrary, the refrigerator offers the same storage capacity as most refrigerators and, in some instances, even more. They are broader and taller to allow more space to fit as many components as possible. Therefore, despite being shallow, it still provides sufficient space for everyday use.

On average, this type of refrigerator will provide about 20 cubic feet of space. Most of them have adjustable shelves to enable users to have a seamless experience and customize storage as needed.

At a glance, you might not be able to tell if it is an inbuilt refrigerator or not as it sits perfectly into space.

Easy Access to Contents: Since the refrigerator is not too deep, it is easier to access food. You can see most of the contents at a glance when you open the fridge, which saves time.

More Kitchen Space: Since the refrigerator is tucked away, there is more room available to move around the kitchen with ease. Whether you have a large or small kitchen, extra space makes your room more open, easier to clean and natural look bigger.

Sufficient space to Open Doors: You don’t have to worry about cramped spades when opening your refrigerator doors as there is sufficient space to accommodate the doors while open. Regular refrigerators take up plenty of space and may leave very little room to move about when the doors are open. Counter-depth refrigerators are the solution to this as they significantly create more space, whether open or closed.

Sufficient Capacity: It is a very spacious refrigerator style as they are usually taller and broader than most regular refrigerators. As a result, you have more compartments and more storage space to accommodate all your food in an organized manner.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Styles

Benefits of A Counter Depth Refrigerator

There are different styles of refrigerators to cater to different needs. All the styles are functional, and many times, the differences only affect individual preference and style. The standard counter depth refrigerator styles include:

Top Freezer: As the name suggests, the freezer is on the upper part of the fridge and the refrigerator on the lower part of the fridge.

Bottom Freezer: It is the inverse of a top freezer as the freezer is down below and the main fridge space at the top of the refrigerator. Usually, the capacity in either kind, top or bottom freezer is the same, and it is up to the buyer to choose what they prefer.

French Door: This refrigerator style has a more modern feel and has two doors at the top with a large freezer drawer below. The doors are side by side, opening on the right and left, revealing two separate compartments. It helps organize food, fruit, vegetables and frozen choices suitably.

Side by Side Doors: It is similar to a French-door refrigerator, but the doors go all the way down the entire length of the refrigerator. It has no separate freezer drawer compartment as the freezer is inside the two main doors.

How to Measure for a Counter Depth Refrigerator?

You don’t have to be an expert to figure out the correct dimensions for your refrigerator. All you need is to take accurate measurements of your space and have this ready when buying your new refrigerator.

If getting the refrigerator for the first time, measure the length from your wall or backsplash to the counter edge to get the counter depth. With these dimensions, you can compare the refrigerators available when purchasing to see which fits best. In most places, there will be shop attendants to offer assistance once you hand over your measurements.

If it is a repeat purchase of the same type of fridge, check on the previous refrigerator’s box for the information. All the dimensions are usually indicated, and you can use these to get an upgraded model of the same size. If your previous refrigerator did not sit in its intended space as it should, measure your counter-depth first. Keep a record of the refrigerator’s dimensions that you would like to replace, and have a shop attendant help you find something suitable using this information to find a better fit for your space.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Functionality

What is Counter Depth Refrigerator

Apart from the design, there is no significant difference in working these refrigerators from any other. You can get an easier reach of items than normal ones, but in terms of temperatures and how it functions to preserve your food, the working model is the same.

You get a good organization of the refrigerator’s components as there is enough room spread out through the fridge’s entire height and width.

There are different models available in the market with different features at different budgets. You can get unique features such as Google Assistant support, humidity-controlled compartments for fresh fruit and vegetables, an inbuilt water dispenser, and a self-adjusting internal system that automatically controls the refrigerator temperatures.