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Can You Use Cast Iron on a Glass Top Stove?

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The glass top stoves are usually admirable by numerous homeowners because they are easy to clean and sleek. Moreover, these types of surfaces can be installed in many places, such as on the kitchen island, or you can use them as a cooktop option, especially on conventional stoves. If you are a cook or chef that values the durability and safety of preparing food using the cast iron, you must be adoring your entire glass top stove.

You must know that there are cons as well as pros that come with electric and gas stovetops. However, cooking using the cast iron makes you feel great regardless of the cooktop you decide to use. On the other hand, most people are not certain whether they can use cast iron on the glass top stove. Thus, if you fall among these individuals, worry less because this article has you covered.

Can you use cast iron on a glass top stove?

Yes, you can confidently use cast iron on your glass top stove. Bear in mind that having a glass top stove does not mean you should not use a cast iron. You can, but ensure you are careful because there is a potential danger. You must know that glass top stoves surface can be scratched quickly by the cookware. Ideally, it is recommended that you do not use most of the cookware on your glass top stove, among them being the cast iron stove top pans, stoneware, and glass. Similarly, you can still use the cast iron by implementing a few measures to protect your stove against scratches and damage. Below are some of these measures you should ensure you follow:

Cast Iron on a Glass Top Stove

Avoid sliding the cast iron against your glass top stove

You must be knowing that cast iron is grainy as well as heavy. And for that reason, friction from sliding can cause severe damage to your entire glass surface. In addition, if the sliding is a must, you must consider a diffuser or even a protector. If not, consider sticking with the coil or even gas ranges.

Ensure you wash the cast iron cookware before you commence using

Before you start using the cast iron on a glass top stove, you should consider washing it, not unless you want to preserve it for seasoning. Through washing it, you will ensure that there are no remaining food particles that could easily carbonize. You must understand that carbonization only occurs when you have leftovers food solidifying and sticking at the bottom of your pan. Furthermore, the leftover particles can puncture and scratch the glass surface. Therefore, consider using scuff pads to ensure the surface is smooth enough.

Use heat diffusers and protective covers

This is a primary measure you need to consider to ensure you protect the glass top stove from any unnecessary damage. There are multiple types of protectors in the industry that you can use on the glass stove. The first model of the protector should be used underneath your cookware when cooking. You can also refer to this protector as the heat diffuser.

Similarly, this device also helps you to distribute the heat evenly when cooking. It is usually positioned between your glass top stove as well as cookware. Ideally, it would help if you considered using a diffuser with a completely flat surface because it delivers maximum performance. Some protective covers, as well as a heat diffuser, are compatible with electric and induction ranges. You can also use the anti-slip protector when cooking, and this is to prevent pans and pots from slipping more so during use. The anti-slip protector also plays a crucial role in protecting the surface of your surface from scratches.

You can opt to get a complete coverage protector that covers the stove whenever it is not on. Moreover, these model of mats enables you to use the stove as your additional counter space. You must know that they have a maximum potential to resist heat up to 500 degrees, and you can comfortably utilize them whenever your stove is on.

Clean your glass top stove regularly

clean cooktop

As much as you clean your cast iron thoroughly, it would be best if you also considered cleaning your glass top stove regularly. The first time you install your glass top stove, it usually looks modern as well as fantastic. Therefore, to maintain and make it serve you for a longer duration, you need to ensure you clean it regularly. Remember, black residue, burnt food, and all sorts of splashes and spills from your pans and pots can easily smear mess up your glass top stove.

Bear in mind that when the residue commences building up and you are using the cast iron as your cooking equipment, you are likely to experience scratching. Luckily, you can prevent this by cleaning and wiping down your glass top stove, especially after and before each cooking session. Apart from regular cleaning, you need to ensure that you create time for thorough cleaning at least monthly.

Upgrade your cast iron cookware

If you want to get the best cooking experience, make sure you modernize your cast iron. In addition, older cast iron is usually uneven, unlike a modern cast iron that is smoother and features a sleek finish. Thus, if you notice that your cast iron features larger chips at the bottom, has rough bumps, or is even damaged, ensure that you upgrade it before starting cooking, especially on your new glass top stove. Modern cast iron is sleek as the glass you would cook on. This means investing in modern cast iron will minimize scratching the surface of your glass top stove. If you feel an urge to upgrade your cast iron cookware, ensure you get one, and you will always have a perfect experience whenever you cook.


Nothing will prevent you from using your cast iron on your glass top stove with all these measures. You only need to make sure that you stay careful. Similarly, ensure that you get a cast iron with a smooth finish, flat bottom, and the right weight to suit your glass top stove. You must also maintain your glass top stove’s smooth surface by implementing the measures above. If you do, you will cook and enjoy a healthy meal with your entire family without any problem.