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What is a Roasting Pan? And When Should You Use It?

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Cookware is very ideal in each home kitchen and needs to be of the highest quality. There is a variety of cookware used in the kitchen today, some include fry pan, sautoir, wok, rondo pot, cast iron skillet, sheet pan, roasting pan, and more. When purchasing any of the cookware you need to be very keen to get the right choice for your kitchen’s needs or daily operations. For instance, creating soup, the main entree roasting, sauté vegetables, etc. are some of the kitchen operations.

When it comes to roasting pan it is important to select the best type in terms of quality which is highly determined by the material kind used in crafting. Although the choice of any kitchen cookware depends on the need, cast aluminum, and cast iron are the best option for use. However, the selection of roasting pan goes beyond aluminum and iron. You are required to have uncoated stainless steel kind as to its best browning option while nonstick coated kind is ideal when handling pancakes, eggs, and other delicate food.

In this article, we are going to tackle more detailed information relating to roasting pan cookware, what it is, when you need to use it, and more. Therefore, for you to get all the necessary pieces of information keep reading this article to the last part.

this is Roasting Pan

What is a Roasting Pan?

Roasting pans are an ideal piece of cookware that is much different from baking dishes despite the close look-like. To clear the air, the baking dish is crafted with lower walls, which are constructed from glass, and operate at lower temperatures. A roasting pan is mainly used when doing oven meat roasting. The meat can be having vegetables or without but it can work even with other different ingredients. This kind of pan is designed perfectly with an inside pan sitting rack, where you can place your meat while the juice and fat can be dripping below.

The roasting pan is highly walled making it more suitable for starches, veggies, or meat cooking in high temperatures of the oven. The roasting pan high walls design is to enhance inside heat-trapping, liquid storing as well as the collection, and breeze tenting – made possible through aluminum foil covering. It can operate even when temperatures are 350 degrees or even hotter than that. In many cases, people tend to use roasting pan mainly on holiday season which is very wrong since the cookware is designed for year-round usage.

What is a Roasting Pan

A roasting pan is crafted excellently with handles that are well-positioned for easier loading and offloading to and from the oven. The handles make it more convenient when it comes to transportation. Furthermore, some roasting pans are constructed via heavy-duty metallic material that allows accommodation of large-sized kinds of roasts, turkeys, as well as hams. The best option should be having a non-stick surface covering, this will make it be able to conduct heat perfectly. In that case, you can choose from stainless steel, cast iron, or carbon steel types.

When Should You Use It?

When it comes to when to use your roasting pan, it will depend more on the kind of kitchen need. However, there is a range of ways you can use your pan year in year out. For instance, most recipes requiring a sheet pan will be good to use the roasting pan. Most of this kind of pan will be better to use especially when roasting your whole chicken. If the pan is about 16 inches then it will manage to hold up to two whole chickens.

With a roasting pan, you will have no issue when cooking food in large quantities. It is designed in a fantastic way making your cooking easier especially when preparing party food. For example, cooking vegetables or potatoes in a huge portion. You can even pull this pan out without the worry and make a large batch of enchiladas, lasagna, potluck casserole, and more.

Although there are many ways of using this kind of pan one of the best options is when roasting braises – short ribs braised. More so this roasting pan can be used on the stovetop making it easier to sear your meat. In this case, make sure the pan is locked or well covered to retain its delicious flavor. Then you are supposed to deglaze the meat directly, with all topping like vegetables and liquid. Lastly, toss it wholly into the oven.

what is Roasting Pan

Ways in Which a Roasting Pan is Greater for:

  • When making tailgate appetizers. Roasting a batch of meatballs that are braised, chicken dip buffalo, deep-dish pizza, and others dishes of a similar kind will require you to use the roasting pan.
  • If you want to cook any side dish such as Brussels sprouts containing bacon, Potatoes au gratin, or roasted carrots – then the roasting pan will be the suitable option especially when the side dish is huge. This will leave you with fewer cleanups later.
  • The roasting pan will cover you perfectly in case of meal prep. This may involve a whole roasted chicken that is meant for an entire week lunch, whole month lasagna, and ratatouille.


Can I use a roasting pan on the stovetop?

Yes, you can use your roasting pan on the stovetop without any worry. However, the kind of pan matters a lot, any aluminum or stainless steel roasting pans that are non-stick are more suitable. This is because the materials used are stronger, and can’t warp when used on a stovetop. There are a variety of roasting pans such as Viking large which are more stovetop compatible.

What Factors do you need to Consider When Purchasing the Roasting Pan?

What is a Roasting Pan

  • The size. Always ensure your roasting pan choice has enough room to handle large quantities of food.
  • The pan weight. It should be able to manage the oven heat without warping, twisting, and losing shape.
  • Roasting pan shape, consider either rectangular or oval kind depending on your need.


A roasting pan is a more ideal piece of cookware that is recommendable to have in your kitchen. This kind of pan makes cooking easier especially when handling large side dishes. Always purchase a pan that is stainless and nonstick, either aluminum or iron type.