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Air Fryer vs Instant Pot: Which Is The Better Choice For You?

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The innovation of modern cooking appliances has made cooking fun, easy, and enjoyable. With the innovations, you can now use equipment such as Air Fryer and Instant Pot to prepare sumptuous healthy meals in no time!

Sometimes all the appliances are so perfect and you can’t help yourself but just be torn between choosing the best out of them.


Air Fryer vs Instant Pot: Which is the better choice for you?

Air Fryer cook

In this detailed write-up, I will take you through the notable differences I have seen to help you make up your mind. In the end, I believe you will be able to make up your mind.

Air Fryer vs Instant Pot

Air fryer and instant pot are both modern cooking appliances that make you enjoy your cooking experience every time. They are a direct way for you to make healthier foods easily, fast, and very conveniently.

However, are they different? Is one more superior to the other? You will be able to demystify this at the end of this write-up.

This article will take you through the definition of each appliance and its use and at the end of it we will jot down the pros and cons of each appliance.

Air Fryer and Its Use

Air Fryer vs. Instant Pot

An air fryer is your fries-making partner. You are love fries, this is the best fries-making appliance you should consider.

An air fryer is a modern-day cooking tool that substitutes the traditional deep frying you know. You can use it to make very healthy fries at home.

What I like about it is the efficiency, convenience, and the fact that I can save money using it.

Why am I talking about saving? Because you will use extremely small amounts of oil in the process. A few drops will get you preparing your perfect fries.

what can you cook with your air fryer?

You can make baked potatoes, grilled veggies, cakes, fried chicken, hard-boiled eggs, chips, muffins, casseroles, omelets, etc. This list is limitless.

Note that an air fryer comes with additional cooking accessories that make your cooking even better.

Instant Pot and Its Use

Instant Pot

This is another modern innovation for cooking you really need in your kitchen. It is super-versatile. The instant pot comes with a broad range of features to meet your varied cooking needs.

That is where the versatility comes in.

With its multicore capabilities, this amazing invention can easily replace up to seven of your cooking appliances in your kitchen.

For example, an instant pot can comfortably perform the works that pressure cookers, saucepans, slow cookers, rice cookers, and air fryers can do.

What can you cook with this appliance?

An instant pot makes use of broth or simply water to create steam which builds pressure inside the cooking pot. The created steam helps you make your foods in no time while ensuring that the nutrients remain intact.

Most of the time, if you don’t have extensive cooking knowledge, you may start with cooking only the set foods in the pot. As you continue learning, you will be versatile with recipes such as beans, beef, chicken, veggies, soups, and bread among others.

Air Fryer Pros and Cons

Air Fryer


  • An air fryer is very easy to use.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • An air fryer is relatively cheap and also versatile.
  • It makes healthier fried foods.
  • It is fast and results in
  • Wide range of settings to bring the best out of your cooking.
  • Most comes with a compact and a small design.


  • When compared to the instant pot, it is less versatile.
  • You can’t use it to cook in large quantities.
  • Sometimes if you don’t use it well, you will end up excessively drying your food.
  • Some bulky models consume a lot of your kitchen space.

Instant Pot Pros and Cons

Instant Pot


  • More versatile when compared to air fryers.
  • Convenient for cooking large quantities to feed larger families.
  • It doesn’t lose the warmth even after the food is ready.
  • Instant pots save time and headspace.


  • You have to be patient for some time as you learn how to effectively use an instant pot.
  • It is space-consuming.
  • Some models are a bit expensive.
  • Cleaning is stressful.
  • You need to follow all your recipe instructions well otherwise you will overcook your food.

Which One Will You Require if in Hurry?

So which one is faster between air fryer and instant pot? This will largely depend on the type of food you want to make.

However, the air fryer is a bit faster when compared to instant pot because of the only one cycle it features.

Again, remember that the instant pot needs to build pressure before cooking commences. This is time-consuming when compared to the air fryer which does not require such a thing. You can use an air fryer as an instant pot but the opposite can never be achieved.

So are you having a meeting starting in the next few minutes or hours? Your best bet to beat the ticking time is an air fryer.

Which Will You Buy: Air Fryer Or Instant Pot?

So here you are. You want to decide on whether to buy an air fryer or an instant pot. Which one will you place your bet on to satisfy your cooking needs?

You will want value for the money you spend.

The appliance between an instant pot and an air fryer depends on the intended use you are aiming for. If you are aiming to cook large volumes or you will be cooking a variety of foods, then the instant pot is your choice.

If your option is more of frying, the air fryer has you covered.

So we conclude that whichever appliance you want to buy between an air fryer and instant pot, your needs will guide you.

Whether you have previously used these appliances or you may have never used them, we believe this piece has been helpful to you. All the best as you take your cooking to the next level using the right equipment for the job.