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Vitamix vs. Ninja – Blender Comparison

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A good glass of juice is always the healthy and most energetic thing you can do in the morning to make your day lively. A good blender is a secret to a good juice. When one considers purchasing a blender, they have many questions on which brand of the blender to buy. One of the biggest brands that have overtaken the market is the Vitamix and ninja blender brands.

Vitamix vs. Ninja – Blender Comparison

Vitamix Build Quality

Vitamix vs. Ninja

Vitamix as a brand offers two types of blenders. A classic and intelligent system. Both types provide good power delivery, versatility, and precisions. However, there are noteworthy dissimilarities between these two types. A Vitamix classic blender is simple and has intuitive controls that make it easy to control. The controls include a power switch, speed and pulse control, and a dial that adjusts the blending intensity. A Vitamix classic blender comes in a mix of different container shapes, sizes, and base colors.

Vitamix smart system blenders have enhanced features such as digital display, touch screen controls, wireless connectivity, programming capabilities, automatic detection, adjustment of blending times and synch with the Vitamix perfect blend app. In addition, the smart systems blenders come in different sizes of containers that feature the Vitamix self-detection technology. They also come in different colors giving the customers a wide range to choose from.

The price of Vitamix blenders varies with the sizes and model. For instance, a small classic blender that is 48-ounces with a pulse and variable controller is less expensive than a smart system blender with 64-ounces with a programmable timer. In addition, it is wireless and is wireless also a touchscreen. Vitamix blenders are well hyped in the market due to their outstanding features. The Vitamix blenders are very powerful. They are capable of breaking down the toughest ingredients, such as frozen fruits and firm vegetables.

Vitamix Feature and Its Use

Vitamix feature

The Vitamix advanced technology ensures the users a smooth experience as they focus not on the power but also on the energy during the blending. Vitamix uses horsepower to measure the blender’s power rather than the watts they can consume. In addition, the Vitamix blenders have multiple speed settings for one to get precise results. Having the aptitude to reduce or increase the speed of the blade allows one to choose the texture they desire.

Versatility is always a fantastic feature for any gadget. With Vitamix, one can prepare smoothies, frozen drinks, or even hot soups. Vitamix blenders are multi-function blenders used either as a food prep tool for grinding, juicing, chopping, or even pureeing. Vitamix blender saves you from purchasing several items, making it the best option in the market. The advanced technology, one can tend to different activities while still blending hence saving time.

Another great feature of Vitamix blenders is that they are durable. They have a life expectancy of up to thirty years or more. Imagine investing in a device that can give you service for more than three decades. In addition, the blender has a metal drive system that delivers power reducing stress on the unit while blending. Another feature that makes the Vitamix blender durable is the hardened stainless steel blades that are sharp and designed to thrash ingredients of different thicknesses. The angled containers and cool running motors are features that increase their durability.

Ninja Build Quality

Vitamix vs. Ninja

Ninja, just like the Vitamix blenders, is also a famous brand in the market. Ninja blenders come in different types and models. The professional ninja blender is the latest model that is proficient, high speed with various functions. They have a motor that consumes 1100 watts. The blender’s shaft runs from the lid’s base to ensure that the contents are gathered in one place. The professional ninja blenders have a single-serve option that allows one to create a single or a double serving to take on the go.

Ninja Feature and Its Quality

Ninja feature

The blending performance of all the ninja blenders is one to be admired. They have heavy-duty blades makes them ideal for blending thick ingredients such as vegetables and ice. However, ninja blenders have to limit factors as they do not allow one to blend warm ingredients as they can easily break if exposed to heat. Ninja blenders are also easy to operate and give users an easy job at handling them and do not need to look for manuals to start blending.

The ninja blenders are fitted with non-BPA materials making them safe for the environment. They come with a one-year warranty. Ninja blender prices are affordable depending on the budget of the consumers. Having these two brands, one may be stuck and choosing the best blenders to use. One should contemplate numerous features before settling for the right blender that fits their needs.

Who’s the Winner?

Both the Ninja and Vitamix blenders have a high rating in the market. However, the Vitamix blenders seem to lean on the higher side compared to the ninja blenders. This is due to the improved technology that goes into making the Vitamix blenders. The technology implemented into the Vitamix blenders causes them to be pricey than the ninja blenders, whose prices are pretty low.

In terms of convenience of both the appliance’s brand, they are convenient as they are easy to clean and easy to pour the ingredients. However, the ninja blenders are recommended for their markings on the jars are easy to read compared to the Vitamix blend jars. If you are looking for a small-portable blender that is only for blending less content, a ninja is a right brand as Vitamix blenders only come in bigger sizes.


If one wishes to work on hot substances or turn blended room temperature ingredients into ready to serve, the right appliance to choose is Vitamix. Ninja blenders only blend cold ingredients. Vitamix blenders are considered to have a more powerful motor speed and versatility. There can be used as frequently as one desires. Ninja blenders are recommended when they do not use them frequently and are working on a tight budget. When buying a blender, one should consider the purpose and the size they intend to use the blender to make the best decision.