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Nutribullet vs Ninja: Which Blender is Better?

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When it comes to the choice of a blender, two brands stand out. These are the Nutribullet and the Ninja respectively. Indeed, many homeowners have preferred these two brands over and above the many that be at the moment. This is not by accident at all as these two brands are very reliable.

But are these two blenders one and the same thing really? Could they have some inherent differences? And which of these two is the better option? We have prepped this comparison article to look into these and many more relevant questions. Stay with us till the end to find an answer about the better one.

Nutribullet vs Ninja: Which Blender is Better?


Let us compare and contrast these two brands against the leading parameters:

Operational power

Both blenders have to make use of extreme power to do the blending. The Nutribullet is powered by a 600-watt motor whereas the Ninja 1200 watts motor. The latter is hence capable of tackling the thickest and the weightiest recipes with exceptional ease and maximum power.

Design and makeup

The designs of these two brands of blenders are exceptional. That of Nutribullet is simple, intuitive, and elegant. For these reasons, the blender is easier to carry, stash and store as need be. That of the Ninja brand however is compact and capable of providing awesome power and professional performances.

Blending capabilities

ninja blender

These two blender brands are packed with extreme blending capabilities. The blending capability of Nutribullet compact-yet-powerful. That of the Ninja is intelligent by virtue of comprising 3 Auto-iQ programs. It is hence able to achieve so much and bring abbot a wider variety.

Cleanliness and maintenance

As pertains to the matters of cleanliness and maintenance, the Nutribullet is designed for manual cleaning. To get rid of the dirt from it, you have to manually engage its parts by twisting the off blades and rinsing using soap and water. The Ninja however is dishwasher-safe and is hence convenient to clean.

Blending speeds

Of course, these two brands of blenders take some time to achieve the desired outcomes. Nutribullet is the speedier of the two. It comes about in a high-speed blender-cum-mixer system. The Ninja is a little bit slower and more manual. Due to this, it is mainly useful for the harder and tougher ingredients.

Blending blades

At the core of both brands are the extractor blades. The Nutribullet brand is fitted with two blades; one is the extractor and the other is the milling blade. It is hence more capable of managing finer textures. The Ninja on the other hand is fitted with one high-performance Pro extractor blade that does a great job.

Food processing

Nutribullet vs Ninja

Besides the blades, the brands also comprise food processing capabilities. The Nutribullet shreds, blends, chops, and grinds. Its Ninja counterpart also chops. Nonetheless, it goes beyond this to create dough, and process food in a bowl. Thus, it is the more versatile of the two.

Possible locales of use

All factors considered, the Nutribullet is slightly bulky and quite strenuous to handle and operationalize. It is hence mainly appropriate for indoor use. The Ninja brand is however slim and compact enough to use while on the go. You may want to tap into it if you are constantly on the move.

Recipe inspirations

Over and above merely letting you blend and make your awesome recipes, these two brands may also suggest for you some of the recipes you may ultimately wish to try out. They are both accompanied by inspirational recipe books that have numerous recipes which are well explained.


To tackle the task of blending your recipes, these two appliances are equipped with effective controls. The specific kinds of controls however are slightly different from brand to brand. Nutribullet’s controls are a bit manual and cumbersome to engage. Those of Ninja are automated and programmable for easier engagements.

Crushing technology

These two brands employ a combination of powerful motors and exceptional extractor blades to crush the ingredients into finer particles. The Nutribullet makes use of a 600-watt motor and two blades whereas the Ninja employs a more powerful motor and one blade. Be this as it may, it still exudes total crushing technology that pierces the frozen drinks and smoothies.

Carrying capacity

They differ insofar as their carrying capacities are concerned. Nutribullet provides its blenders in many carrying capacities that range from 18-24 ounces. It is hence mainly awesome for small-scale family usage. The Ninja however tends to have very large capacities that range from 64-72 ounces, enough for the family sizes.

Ease of use

Nutribullet is mainly for persons who are experts in the handling and blending of foods and other recipes. Its controls are somewhat sophisticated and beyond the grasp of ordinary users. Given that the Ninja has automated parts and controls, it is a lot easier to grasp and subsequently make use of.

Nutrient extraction capabilities

Nutribullet vs Ninja blender

Even though both brands are able to also extract nutrients from the foods they blend, the Nutribullet tends to be more effective insofar as the realization of this end is concerned. The Ninja is also able to extract the nutrients, yes, but not with the same degree of efficacy.

Sum total use

These two brands are versatile in the sense of being suited for many food processing tasks. However, the Ninja can do slightly more than the Nutribullet. It can make the dough, shred fruits and chop vegetables over and above blending fruits. You want to tap into it for your maximum returns on investments.


From the foregoing explanations, it is clear that the Ninja is the more outstanding of the two brands. It beats the Nutribullet in almost all regards save for the crushing technology metric. You hence want to make it a priority in your search and subsequent purchase of the right blender.

As a bonus for sticking with us till the end, we would like to let you know how to choose the right blender. Consider such issues as the capacity of fruits you would wish to blend, the areas where you intend to devote the blender to use, and of course your financial resource endowment.