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10 Types of Eggplant – and What to Do With Them

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If you have ever visited a grocery store for eggplant, you might have thought that eggplant is the same because they are all deep purple, oblong and large. You are also likely to notice this during the mid-summer season when the market is flooded. Eggplants are flowering plants, which belong to a nightshade family. Furthermore, botanically, it is considered a berry fruit; while culinary, you can consider it a vegetable. Eggplants originated from India, but it has been cultivated in China and India for around 1500 years. This review will take you through the 10 types of eggplant and what you can do with them.

10 Types of Eggplant

10 Types of Eggplant

Italian eggplant

The Italian eggplant is similar to a smaller and a globe eggplant version that is slightly sweeter, maintaining a thick spongy texture. Italian eggplant incorporates sweeter notes that function adequately with umami and salty flavors, like cheese or even meat. Ideally, this makes them excellent for a layered dish such as lasagna or even eggplant parmesan.

Rosa Bianca Eggplant

Rosa Bianca is an eye-catching variety of eggplant. This type of eggplant is usually round and plumb. Moreover, their white and purple exteriors feature an ombre-like appearance. They have a sweet, creamy taste as well as texture. Most people love it because it is excellent for making an eggplant parmesan or use for stuffing. On the other hand, you can research and find dozens of many more recipes online. Unfortunately, its exterior beauty usually fades when it is cooked.

Graffiti eggplant

Graffiti eggplant

This plant can either be large or small, but it is excellent for consuming whole. It features attractive and delicate striped marking. Bear in mind that their seeds are small, and the skin is thin; hence you do not need to peel them if there is no need. Moreover, this eggplant is delicious when roasted, baked, or even stewed. On the other hand, they come in different types, such as shooting stars, fairytales, and purple rain. This eggplant is easy to cook, and it becomes delicious when you pair it with cheeses and grilled meat, like feta and mozzarella.

Japanese white eggplant

If you need a productive and hardy eggplant type, opt for a Japanese white eggplant. It features an excellent sweet flavor, a compact egg-like shape, and size. It also has a thin skin with colors and slender shape, which can include both purple, pink, lavender m green and a Japanese white eggplant and a stem that is dark purple in color. Many times, it is roasted and served as a side dish. However, you can also enjoy it with Japanese sesame chicken or any other type of soup. You must understand that it is not the same as the ordinary Japanese white eggplant. This is because the latter is near the common purple eggplant, more so when it comes to the eggplant’s size and shape. Make it your favorite eggplant and enjoy your meal.

Globe/American eggplant

American eggplant

Someone born or raised in the states understands that this eggplant is also called an American eggplant. And probably it is the name most people are used to. Suppose you are wondering where you can get it, worry no more and visit the nearest supermarket. This eggplant has a deep purple color, squatty shape, and short. Furthermore, it is an excellent all-purpose eggplant, and its meaty texture makes it a perfect protein substitute. You can try it out today and have a fantastic meal that will leave you drooling and longing for more.

Thai eggplant

This eggplant orb is small and famous in Thailand. They come in white and purple, but they are bitter compared to other models of eggplant. However, you can reduce this by removing their seeds before you commence cooking. Thai eggplant functions well with multiple stewing and spices; hence you can add it to your curries. You can also consider a recipe for the vegan Thai basil eggplant. On the other hand, you can use it in Thai green curry with your eggplant and beef.

White eggplant

It is much similar to a standard eggplant, apart from its creamy skin. Bear in mind that they have similar capabilities, taste, texture, and they are all wrapped in varying colors. It has a lot of heirloom varieties, like Raja as well as Casper. You can cook it the same way you cook Italian and graffiti eggplant. Furthermore, you can try this eggplant with a meal that showcases its color, such as Ratatouille Pizza.

Fairy tale eggplant

Fairy tale eggplant

The fairy tale eggplant is compact and violet. It also features molted white stripes. This eggplant can easily grab your attention, and that is why it has such a sweet name. Additionally, its interior part is creamy, delicately sweet, and light. Its inside beauty is usually reflected outside.

Ping Tung eggplant

This type of eggplant is purple and long. In addition, it is tender and sweet; it originated from Taiwan. You must also know that it is famous throughout Asia, and for you to enjoy its texture and flavor, it is appropriate that you grill and serve it with a bit of salt and oil. Remember, this eggplant features many unique characteristics. You do not have to peel it, and it does not have a bitter taste.

Moreover, it grows well in all zones in the United States of America. When it matures fully, it turns darker. It is excellent with stir-fry dishes. This eggplant grows up to a length of approximately 11 inches, and it is thin. This makes it outstanding for many dishes.

Indian eggplant

It is reddish-purple and small. It tastes excellent when roasted or stuffed. It is also referred to as baby eggplant, and it is commonly used with Indian dishes, which use curry, among many more dishes.


This detailed review has made you familiar with the 10 types of eggplant and what you can do with them. Thus, it calls upon you to choose the best kind of eggplant that suits your dishes well and enjoy your favorite meal. This article will help you choose the best that will give you an incredible experience.