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What is a Food Processor Used For?

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A food processor is a basic kitchen equipment that uses electric energy to blend, puree, slice, and mice various food products. A food processor does its activities so fast and precise, making it a crucial kitchen machine. The food processor is made up of varieties of blades that conduct different roles. It has a special kind of blade rather than a hook that it uses to knead the dough. The machine is made up of a holding case that is normally of varying shapes and sizes. The larger holding containers within the food processer are unlimited in their workability; they can process both small and large quantities of food ingredients.

Recipe to prepare with a food processor

What is a Food Processor Used For?

Suppose you want to try out a new taste or texture about a certain food item; you can do so using a food processor. You can use your food processor to come up with so many flavors. There are different sizes and workability of the various food processor. If your kitchen has limited space or you want to prepare a small amount of food, you are recommended to use a mini-sized food processor.

Kitchen aid (3.5 cup food processor) is efficient in handling a small quantity of work. Using this mini-sized processor, you can prepare veggies, salad flavors, or prepare an egg. Apart from mini-sized food processors, we have a full-sized food processor.

For example, KitchenAid 7 cup food processor is accommodative and can handle large amounts of food. 7 cup processor is designed along with different appliances. It comes along with a dough blade, slicing and shredding discs. It is also fitted with a multi-sized food cylinder that works on recipes in various shapes and sizes.

Another kind of food processor is the KitchenAid 5 cup food chopper. You need not chop some of the food ingredients yourself; the food processor can do it for you. Your freedom space is widened.

How food processor makes your work easier?

This machine enables you to prepare most food pieces like fruits without adding anything. You don’t even add preservatives. We all know that foods that are prepared naturally are more nutritious and taste better.

Food processors are easier to clean than our usual cookware; it takes little time to clean it in the dishwasher. Below we’ve discussed activities you can carry out using your food processor. When you conduct each of them, you’ll realize how cheaper and effective the food processor is.

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1. Chopping

Salads, veggies, and sauces – Most of us use carrots, celery, and onion to make soup. The food processor will chop these ingredients in no minute to come up with your natural soup, which you can use to prepare stew or other kinds of soups. Easily cut the salad toppings into small pieces and use the food processor to pierce the cabbage for chopped Chinese chicken salad.

Having your food processor and ingredients in place, you can come with all sorts of customized formations for various dishes.

Nuts – The food processors are made up of blades that will help you chop the nuts so fast. Nuts are crucial for cookies, brownies, and salad toppings. After tasting the chopped nuts, you’ll realize that they are fresh, tasty, and have a lot of moisture compared to pre-processed nuts.

Onions and garlic – With your food processor, you can quickly chop onion or garlic for natural mango salsa. When using a food processer to prepare mince onions and garlic sauces, they will be sliced faster, and no tears will flow from your eyes.

2. Grinding and mincing

Food processors are not suitable for pounding but are effective for mincing. The blades fixed in them are good for mincing. Even though they don’t pound, the end product is always fine and smooth. So you can always apply your food processer for grinding because the end product will be the same. Consider the following food items for mincing;

Meat – Before you apply your processor, ensure that you manage the cuts of beef and prevent any bacterial contamination. Here the processor can act as a blender. You can blend beef to prepare meatballs or meatloaf. The multi-purpose blade can also enable you to have precisely minced beef for immediate cooking.

Cauliflower – You can easily prepare cauliflower rice by using the food processor. The processor will help you manage the amount of gluten and carbs. Come up with florets and use the processor to produce the texture of your choice. Remember to create value from cauliflowers head and avoid waste.

Breadcrumbs – Hope that you’ll cease purchasing breadcrumbs after knowing how to prepare them yourselves. You’ll even notice that fresh breadcrumbs are healthier than manufactured ones. Using your food processor, you can easily prepare fresh breadcrumbs. The processor has pulses that will help create crumbs of your desired texture. You can choose to mix it up with various spices.

Energy balls – You can use your food processor to create tasty energy snacks. The food tube within the processor allows you to add nuts or even honey to make your snack more delicious. Depending on your mixture, your processer may form a dough, enabling you to create balls or rolls of coconut flakes.

3. Puree

This function allows you to quickly prepare baby food, nut butter, smooth salsa, and mayonnaise. To schedule a smooth salsa, mix up tomatoes, onions, jalapeno, salt, and pepper. Using the food processor will help you prepare your salsa within seconds.

4. Mix and blend capability

Here the food processor enables you to prepare hummus, pesto, and salad dressings. To come up with salad dressing, add Caesar dressing, avocado lime, and any other ingredient of your choice. As the food processor mix up the items, it also enables you to put oil keenly using the food tube. You’ll end up having the best creamy dressing.

5.  Shredding

Ingredients that you can shred using a food processor are soft cheeses, hard cheeses, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and potatoes.

6. Slicing

Use the food processor to slice the following food items; potatoes, yams, cucumbers, pepperoni, veggies, and Brussels sprouts.

You can apply a food processer to prepare almost every food ingredient, from slicing and blending to making dough. Food processer is faster and more efficient than the commonly used blender. I would advise that you go for KitchenAid cordless 5 cup food processer. It will enable you to enjoy the features that a food processer should have. If you have limited workspace, purchase a 3.5 cup food chopper.

How to Use Food Prosessor