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What is an Induction Cooktop?

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Energy efficiency is one of the factors you must always consider when preparing your favorite dishes. An energy-saving cooktop is in town, an induction cooktop. Induction cooktops do not only save on energy, but it is also cost-effective. Your cookware will always acquire much of the heat instead of the wind around.

An induction cooktop applies the use of the electromagnetic field to heat the cooktop. It doesn’t involve any electrical heating components. The heat does not spread to the cooking surface, and even the kitchen remains cool. If you compare it with electronic cooktops and high-end gas, it is the most effective.


Energy and cost advantage

When using an induction cooktop, your pan will get heat through magnetic fields. Here there are no flames or electrical elements like an electronic stove and high-end gas. When using an induction stovetop, the pot’s whole bottom surface will receive efficient heat, and it’s not necessary to fix your pot to the burner.

According to tests and research, an induction cooktop is energy-saving and cost-effective. Its efficiency is 60 percent than that of a gas stovetop. When using a gas stovetop, you’ll realize that most of the heat is carried away by air or wind around the pan. A lot of heat is being wasted instead of heating the bottom of the pan. When a lot of it is lost, the kitchen becomes hot as well as the cooking surface.

Preparing a dish using an induction cooktop is 60 percent more efficient than an electronic stovetop. An electric cooker, just like the stovetop, can quickly lose heat to the environment. An induction cooktop doesn’t waste heat, and this makes it efficient and less costly.

Is induction cooktop safe?

An induction cooktop is safer than other cooking machines like an electric cooker and stovetop. When using an electric range, a lot of heat is supplied to the bottom of the cooking pan and the outer sides of the cookware. This makes the entire cooking hot pot and, when touched, can cause accidents.

When using an induction cooktop, heat is only supplied to the bottom, and the outer surface doesn’t become hot. When the cookware is touched unknowingly, no burn injuries will be experienced. Another safety benefit is that when the cookware content splits to the surface, it won’t burn and stick making. This will make cleaning easier.

cooktop What is an Induction Cooktop?

The speed of the induction cooktop

According to tests, an induction cooktop heats fast compared to high-end gas or an electronic cooker. Being it has a higher speed makes it to be energy efficient and time-saving. It takes more than half an hour for 12000- BTU gas burner to boil 5 gallons of water, but it takes 14 minutes less for an induction cooktop to cook the same amount of water. BTU is the same as watt, so an induction cooker still has a higher speed, even in literal terms.

An induction cooker is so fast to adjust to any changes in temperature. Practically when you reduce the heat, you’ll see the effect right there.

Necessities of an induction cooker

The pan or cookware that can be used together with an induction cooker must be made of steel or cast iron. You can’t use an induction cooker along with cookware made of glass or aluminum. An easy trail if your cooking pan will work with an induction cooker; conduct a magnetic test, and if attraction takes place, then the cookware is compatible with the induction cooker.

Equipment needed


Most induction cookers are manufactured in a countertop design, making various pan shapes accommodate them. These induction cookers are fixed with safety enabling tools and cannot operate in the absence of a pan or when the pan has no content.

Some of the induction cookers are fitted with burner lights that activate the radiance that comes with gas burners. Both drop-in and slide-in inductions are also in the market. When it’s your first time, you may suffer some minor sticker shock, but remember this is the best energy-saving cooker.

Purchasing an induction cooktop

What is an Induction Cooktop?

For your modern kitchen to be complete, you need a precise induction cooker. This section of the article will look at various factors to consider when purchasing an induction cooker.

  • Already set menu – most of the recent induction cookers have a pre-set menu. According to the recipe you are preparing, the pre-set menu will help balance to a suitable temperature. For example, if you are boiling milk, the induction cooker will balance the heat to enable practical cooking.
  • Safety qualities – some of the latest induction cookers are fixed with auto-pan detection characteristics. This feature enables heating to stop immediately when the pan is removed. In case you don’t switch off the appliance and the cookware starts becoming hot, the cooktop will switch irresistibly. This act will prevent accidents and damages.
  • Pot size for the cooktop – Every induction cooktop has its minimum and maximum pot size. The cooktop will not sense the pot in case the pan is smaller than the stated pan size. For total accuracy and efficiency, the cooking pan should meet the requirements of the induction cooktop.
  • Portable cooktop – Cooktops can either be fixed or portable. A portable cooktop enables the user to carry the equipment to wherever he/she wants. They can use it anywhere.
  • Market price/cost – Induction cooktop price lies between $400 and $ 2000. The prices may vary along with this range according to the cooktop’s size, power, and unique quality. Even though it’s expensive that stovetop, high-end gas and electric cooker, it is the fastest and most efficient cooker.
  • Durability – the active service life of an induction cooktop is calculated in hours. Different induction cookers vary in terms of their lifespan; consumer-grade induction cooktops are designed to work 10 000 hours. Commercial-grade induction cooktops are intended to have a lifespan of 30,000 hours.

An induction cooktop will make your work simpler by increasing food preparation speed and reducing energy costs. When using this machine, your kitchen will always remain cool because no heat is wasted on the surrounding. I would recommend that you purchase a portable cooktop that you can carry to any place you desire.