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Can You Put Glass in the Oven?

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We have all thought about this question at one point in our lives. And if you have finally decided to do some research then here is everything you need to know about putting glass in the oven.

Yes, glass can be put in the oven. However, this heavily depends on the type of glass being used. As you may already know, not all glass products are built equally. Therefore, there are those that can take up much heat and others can’t.

Before you put your glass container in the oven, there are some precautions you need to take. Understandably, glass cookware is an excellent choice when baking or heating leftovers. However, many people have experienced first-hand, the shattering of glass in the oven or immediately it is placed on a kitchen counter.

Only oven-safe glass cookware can be used to heat food in the oven. Regular glass containers should not be put in the oven as they will crack when the temperatures go beyond more than they can accommodate. Other kitchen items that should also be kept from the oven include pots, plates, aluminium foil, cardboard, and paper towels.

baking Can You Put Glass in the Oven?

Why Does Glass Break When Put in the Oven?

There are a couple of reasons why this may occur. They include;

  • Thermal Shock

The above is usually caused by drastic temperature changes. Thermal shock is the main reason why glass shutters when it is put in the oven. The physical composition and structure of glass can’t accommodate rapid temperature fluctuations. When you take your glass container from the fridge and put it directly into the oven, there is a huge possibility of breaking it.

  • Using the Wrong Type of Glass

Have you ever put a glass plate in your oven and heard a voice at the back of your head asking you; is it safe to expose this type of glass to high temperatures? Well, your intuition was right. As mentioned earlier, not all types of glass should be put in the oven. If it’s tempered glass or oven-safe, then it will handle the rapid temperature fluctuations. But, if it’s not. You are probably aware of what will happen.

  • Exposure to Extremely High Temperatures

Similar to other materials, glass does have a temperature limit. Most of us rarely consider this when using glass cookware. Every glass brand often shares its glass temperature limit in the packaging. If you are keen when opening your glassware packages, you have obviously come across this information. It is crucial that we don’t exceed that limit when using glass in the oven.

How Do I Prevent Glass from Shattering in the Oven?

Glass Cookware

If you adhere to certain precautions when using glassware in the oven, then it won’t break. Here are some tips on how you can prevent the glass from shattering in the oven;

  1. Keep off non-tempered glass. If you must put glass in the oven, make sure that it is labeled as oven-safe. And the latter isn’t enough. Because all glassware has a temperature limit, set your oven within those temperature parameters.
  2. To be on the safe side, stick to average temperatures when using glassware to cook in the oven. Confine your cooking to not more than 350 F.
  3. Avoid making drastic temperature changes to your glass containers. This includes taking a glass bowl from the fridge directly to the oven.
  4. When using glass cookware to prepare dry foods, add liquids to the bottom. This will allow the water to warm up gradually as the glass heats up.
  5. Embrace the habit of looking for observing structural weaknesses before sending glass to the oven. No matter how small that scratch looks, know that putting it in the oven is risky.
  6. Never use glass on a stovetop.
  7. Before putting your glass cookware, always preheat the oven.
  8. When washing your glassware, don’t scratch or poke it. Glass must be handled gently to prevent breakage.
  9. Never add cold liquids to hot glassware. This will cause a rapid fluctuation in temperature which is amongst the top reasons why glass breaks.

Is It Safe to Use Glass Cookware?

Can You Put Glass in the Oven?

Obviously, the above information has given you a new perspective towards using glass cookware in the oven. And if you are reconsidering using glass in the oven, you should be aware of the following.

All manufacturers of glass cookware will tell you that their products are oven-safe. Depending on how reliable that brand is, as a consumer, you can ‘trust’ that the glass won’t shatter when exposed to high temperatures.

But, even tempered glass can break. The risk of glass breaking is always there especially when it is used for cooking. Nonetheless, if used correctly under the right conditions, your glass cookware can serve you for the longest time without getting even a single scratch. To date, metal cookware remains the safest material that can accommodate extreme temperatures.

Should I Continue Using Glass Cookware in the Oven?

Above we have introduced another material; metal cookware and explained how it can take up more heat than glass. Be as it may, glass still has lots of advantages compared to other materials. And if you are a huge fan of glass cookware, here are reasons why you should continue using it.

  1. Using oven-safe glass guarantees that it won’t break. As long as you follow this rule, you need not worry about anything else. Oven-safe glass is often labeled at the center of the glass. If the label reads ‘decorative’ then keep it off your oven as this type of glass is only ornamental.
  2. Glass unlike other materials is non-toxic. The surface of glass doesn’t stick to anything and therefore your food will always be free from toxins.
  3. Because glass retains heat for longer, your meals will always be warm when it’s time to serve.
  4. The clear surface makes cooking easier as you can monitor the progress of your food just by looking.
  5. Glass is easier to clean. And it can be used for both reheating food and storage.

The Bottom Line

Can you put glass in the oven? Well, this will depend on whether the glass is oven-safe or not. Always confirm if that particular glass is labeled as oven safe before heating your food or baking. Regular glass should never be put in the oven no matter what you have heard people say. Also, don’t forget that even though tempered glass can handle high temperatures, always follow the tips above to ensure it doesn’t break.