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How to Use Microwave Egg Cooker?

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and eggs are a healthy and quick option in the morning. If you ever tried to cook eggs in the microwave then you can attest to how much a mess it can create in there.

With the microwave egg cooker, you can have perfect eggs with no mess. It is a lifesaver. They are not only safe and efficient but fast for those with only a few minutes to spare in the morning.

You can find a lot of different types of egg cookers on the market. They come with different capacities, different styles of making eggs and their cooking time will majorly depend on its make, what you are making and the make of your microwave as well.

When choosing a microwave egg cooker, consider the type of eggs you like made. If you like your eggs in different ways according to how you feel then you should make sure to choose one that can give you that option.

Safety Tips for Microwave Egg cooker

microwave egg cooker

Cooking your egg with its shell is the most dangerous thing one can do. As the egg cooks the shell holds in the steam and pressure eventually exploding causing a big mess. It could even explode in your hand because it continues to cook.

Another way that could be dangerous is cooking eggs in these appliances with the egg yolk intact. Just like the shell, its thick membrane can hold in steam and pressure and explode. Let’s not forget the mess this will come with.

If you must cook the egg with its shell or yolk intact then this is what you can do. Pierce the shell or the yolk membrane with a needle. If it has the shell ensure you puncture to the yolk. This way you cut down on the risk of explosion.

One must also take precautions when taking off the lid after the eggs are cooked. There is always a lot of steam and this can scald your skin if you stand too close. Always be careful around them. Make sure to let your eggs cool before serving to avoid hurting yourself or even someone else is a good safety precaution.

How to use a Microwave Egg Cooker?

microwave egg cookers

There are various types of microwave egg cookers defending what you want or what you like for breakfast. You can make poached eggs, boiled eggs, an omelet or even scrambled eggs. You can also make sandwich egg patties.

Most microwaves take up to 60 seconds to cook but this as I said, might depend on the type of microwave used. The style of cooking too may affect cooking time. For example, a poached egg will take less time as compared to omelets.

For those who love their eggs flavored with pepper, maybe ham, veggies and salt, the microwave egg cooker does not disappoint. Just add them into your egg before you cook and it will cook them nice and even.

Let us see some of the most common types of microwave eggs cookers and how to cook with them.

Egg poacher

Crack open an egg and put it in the egg poacher cup. You may put as many depending on the cups available. Make sure to pierce the yolk for safety. Add at least half a spoon of water to the egg. If one of the cups is empty, add some water to it as well.

Let it cook for about 45 seconds. If not cooked well, you can add 15 more seconds and check. If there is still water left, no need to worry.

Let them stay for 30 more seconds with the microwave off to allow them to cook with their heat. They will be ready for consumption after this process.

Microwave omelet maker

It’s very easy though, unlike the other options, it takes a little more time, but don’t normal saucepan omelets do? Here are the steps.

Mix in a bowl two eggs and whisk them. Add some salt and milk, this is according to your liking. Add your omelet ingredients to the cooker before adding the eggs. If there is meat make sure it is pre-cooked.

Pour the whisked eggs into the cooker bowl avoiding overfilling. Cook for almost 1:45 minutes and turn over to cook evenly for one more minute. Let it cool and serve.

Egg sandwich maker


To make the best egg patties for your sandwich, crack open an egg and pour it into the bowl. Remember to break the yolk with a fork to spread it over and mix it up.

Cover the egg maker, put it in the microwave and cook for about a minute. Check if the egg is cooked or still runny. If it is, cook for 15 more seconds. This may happen depending on the type of microwave you use.

Your egg patties are ready to put in your sandwich and enjoy. Beating your egg in a separate bowl and pouring it in the cooker bowl is easier than doing it in the cooker bowl.

Ceramic microwave egg cooker

egg cooker

This product is different from the other plastic ones and cooks soft fluffy eggs that resemble scrambled eggs. It can cook more eggs and it retains heat for longer. The interesting thing is that you can eat out of the bowl too.

Beat four eggs into a bowl and pour into the cooker. It has a fill line to ensure no overfilling. Add in ingredients you prefer. Cover with the lid and put in the microwave.

As it cooks, stir the eggs for better results. Ensure to turn off the microwave when stirring and restart when done. Be careful as you remove it to avoid burns.

The cooker has tiny holes to let out excess moisture and pressure since the pot is sealed completely when it is covered.

Just like everything else, it will take some practice to get the best. Always use normal dishwashing detergent and a soft sponge as you wash the cooker bowls by hand to ensure they are perfectly clean and unscratched.