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10 Best Tofu Presses of 2024

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Have you ever made tofu that was soggy and crumbled before serving? This is mainly caused by excess water that accumulates on the tofu in the making process. To avoid this, you need to invest in a tofu press. Tofu presses are tools that help eliminate water from tofu to get firm and dry tofu results. This also makes it easy to add marinades and dressings to your tofu. The following are the top ten best tofu dresses in 2024

Best Tofu Presses

10. YARKOR Tofu Press

YARKOR Tofu Presses

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Make the perfect firm tofu using this unique tofu press. It is designed to removes all the water so you can incorporate new flavors without it breaking. It is easy to work with the tool, unlike traditional models, since the steps are easy to follow. Also, the press is made with transparent glass materials that ensure you easily view the tofu made.

What we like
  • This tofu press is made with BPA free materials
  • Cleaning it after preparing tofu is smooth
  • The tofu press helps to drain the excess water in the tofu
  • It is an affordable tofu presser tool


Tofu should not have any water so it can easily absorb all the ingredients you add to it. This tofu press drains the water from the tofu dough as you cut it.

9. To future Tofu Press


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If you always have problems when cutting your tofu while preparing at home, this press will do the magic for you. It effortlessly cuts and shapes the tofu in the correct sizes to save time. Other than cutting tofu to the correct size, this tool also drains the excess water to give it that beautiful texture and allow you to add flavor. Without excessive water, your tofu can easily absorb the flavors you need to incorporate when cooking.

What we like
  • This tofu press is compact for easy storage
  • The tofu press is compatible with a dishwasher
  • It is an affordable tofu press
  • The tofu press ensures to eliminate excessive water


This tofu press is super small to allow you to press the tofu to your preferred sizes. The fact that it drains water makes it possible for the tofu to absorb all marinades.

8. TofuBud Tofu Press – Tofu Presser

TofuBud Tofu Presses

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If you want to achieve the firmest tofu when cooking, get the presser, and you will never regret it. First off, it is an easy-to-use tofu press made with water drains to get rid of water on the pressed tofu. It is a recommendable tofu press to use in busy areas since it requires around 15 minutes to drain all the water, and the tofu takes just 20 minutes to absorb all the marinade ingredients. There are two firm settings where you can choose either regular firm tofu or extra firm tofu, depending on your preference.

What we like
  • Assembling and dissembling this tofu press is easy and quick
  • It comes attached with a removable water drainer
  • The tofu firmness has two settings
  • The presser works quite first


Whether you like your tofu firm or extremely firm, this tofu press ensures you get your desired results. The parts are removable for cleaning after use

7. YARKOR Tofu Press


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Get this tofu press tool, and you will never complain about your tofu being soggy again. It features a drainer that eliminates all the excess water from the tofu. The results are firmer and flavored tofu that you will enjoy. This tofu presser is made with clean and pure BPA-free plastic materials for your safety. It only has six parts that take a few minutes to disassemble when cleaning.

What we like
  • This tofu press comes with 30 days money refund
  • It works fast than the traditional models
  • The tofu press is safe, and FDA certified
  • The tofu press helps to eliminate all water from the tofu


This is another model from YARKOR made with plastic materials. This tofu maker is made with premium materials, and it comes with 30 days money refund warranty.

6. Qiaofumizx Tofu Press with Strainer

Qiaofumizx Tofu Presses

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If you want your tofu to absorb all the nutrients from marinade, you need to make sure that it has no water. Well, this tofu press features a drainer at the base essential for draining all the water. The presser works pretty quickly since it takes between 20 to 30 minutes for the tofu to absorb the flavors and takes less than 20 minutes to drain the water. With just three setup steps, using this tofu presser tool is smooth and easy for all people.

What we like
  • This presser is compact to save your storage space
  • The tofu presser is quite affordable
  • Comes with a base tray for collecting water

5. Trobing Bamboo Tofu Press for All Size Tofu


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Although this tofu press features bamboo materials, rest assured it is safe. The press features handmade bamboo materials with no chemicals or coatings, making it safe to make consumable foods. This tofu press has a drawer shelf in the middle to help get rid of water from the tofu. The pressing surface is super smooth to ensure the tofu does not get scratches or dents for even preparation results. The tofu press takes between 2 to 3 minutes to drain water so you can get firm pressed tofu.

What we like
  • This tofu press is suitable for most tofu making
  • It has unique materials
  • The tofu press is durable
  • The tofu press takes lesser time to drain the water


You don’t need to purchase multiple tofu press tools since this model can make different sizes of tofus.

4. EZ Tofu Press

EZ Tofu Press Tofu Presses

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Even if this tofu pres is made with plastic materials, it is pretty functional and helpful in draining water from the tofu. The tool presses tofu within 3 minutes maximum and takes around 7 minutes to drain the water. Another thing that I love about this tofu press is the versatility. You can use it to press both small and large blocks of tofu when preparing. So, one tool is enough for your home use.

What we like
  • This tofu press tool takes the least time to drain the water
  • You can use it to press both small and large tofu blocks
  • This presser is made with quality plastic materials
  • Drains all water so the tofu can absorb all the nutrients


This is a time saver tofu presser since it only requires between 2 to 3 minutes drying up tofu ready to prepare. So, you can use it when preparing tofu for multiple servings.

3.HCOPE Simple Tofu Press


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The easiest way to get rid of water from your tofu is by getting this tofu press tool. This is easy to use the tool, and you can use it to prepare different types and sizes of tofu. You will never experience your tofu cracking or crumbling anymore since the presser ensures all the water is drained. This tofu presser consists of premium plastic material construction resistant to breaking even after prolong pressing. Also, the plastic materials are easy to clean since you can rinse this tofu presser under running tap water after use.

What we like
  • This tofu presser can prepare any size or type of tofu
  • The tofu press is made with premium plastic materials
  • The tofu presser dries tofu in less than 10 minutes
  • It is compact for easy storage


This is a multifunctional tofu press you can use to make tofu for salads, barbeque, and other servings. It is compact and light, so you can carry and use it from any place, even outdoors.

2. WadoyTofu Press Mould (2PCS)wadoy Tofu Presses

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Whether you need just firm or extra firm tofu for your salad and other food servings, this is the right tofu presser tool to acquire. It is made with grade one plastic material that has been tested and certified to be free of harmful chemicals. The tofu presser comes with a reusable cheesecloth essential for absorbing excess water from the tofu.

What we like
  • This tofu presser tool is relatively easy to work with
  • The tofu presser is made with premium quality plastic materials
  • The package came with cheese clothe
  • This tofu press comes with a quality warranty


Not only does this tofu press ensure you make great tofus, but it makes the tofu in different beautiful shapes.

1. Mangocore Plastic Tofu Press


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Make classic and perfect tofu with this presser tool from Mangocore. This tofu press also comes with cheesecloth and has a unique design that ensures you can reshape tofu in different shapes when serving. The tofu presser is flexible, so you can use it to make tofu in different styles. Just check out different tutorials on how to make tofu with the presser tool.

What we like
  • This tofu press is comfortable to work with
  • It is a reliable DIY tofu presser that is comfortable to use
  • This tofu press is super light in weight


Mold your tofu to your preferred shapes and firmness with this presser tool. It is pretty easy to use.


Tofu needs to be firm and dry to incorporate all the flavors you add to it before eating. To achieve these results, you need to invest in a tofu presser as they are designed with draining properties to get rid of water in the tofu. So, find a good tofu presser from our top reviewed pressers.