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Best Madeleine Pans of 2024

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Madeleine pans are iconic baking tools used to create the delicate and shell-shaped Madeleine cakes. These pans feature shallow, shell-shaped molds that are designed to produce beautifully scalloped cakes with a distinctive hump on one side. Madeleines are beloved for their light and airy texture, crisp edges, and buttery flavor, making them a favorite treat for tea time, dessert, or any occasion. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or trying your hand at Madeleines for the first time, a quality Madeleine pan is essential for achieving the perfect bake. Join us as we explore the world of Madeleine pans, uncovering their key features and benefits to help you create these classic French delicacies with ease.

Best madeleine pans of 2024

5. HONGBAKE Nonstick Madeleine Pan

HONGBAKE Nonstick Madeleine Pan

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For those seeking a reliable and elegant baking companion, the HONGBAKE Nonstick Madeleine Pan stands out as a top choice among the best madeleine pans of 2024. This 2-pack pan features a 12-cavity design made of carbon steel in a champagne gold color. It’s dishwasher safe, 27% thicker for durability, and offers even heat distribution.

With a 12-cup capacity and an oven safety of up to 450°F, this pan ensures perfect results every time. The Whitford-reinforced non-stick coating is chemical-free, making it easy to clean and resistant to scratches and corrosion. Users praise its ability to release cakes effortlessly and achieve consistent baking results, making it a valuable addition to your baking arsenal.

Best For: Those who seek an elegant and reliable baking companion for creating perfect madeleines effortlessly.


  • 12-cavity design for efficient baking
  • Chemical-free non-stick coating for easy release and cleaning
  • Elegant champagne gold color adds aesthetic appeal


  • Some users find it tough to clean

4. CHEFMADE Madeleine Mold Cake Pan

CHEFMADE Madeleine Mold Cake Pan

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With its durable carbon steel construction and oven-safe design, the CHEFMADE Madeleine Mold Cake Pan stands out as the top choice for bakers seeking high-quality and reliable bakeware. This rectangular pan, in an elegant champagne gold color, has specific uses for cakes and a capacity of 300 milliliters. The pan is oven safe up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring even heat distribution for perfect results. Hand wash care instructions maintain the quality of the non-stick finish.

Customers rave about the impressive results, sturdy construction, and ease of cleaning. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a baking enthusiast, this CHEFMADE pan is designed to help you create beautiful madeleines effortlessly.

Best For: Bakers looking for high-quality and reliable bakeware for creating beautiful madeleines effortlessly.


  • Durable carbon steel construction
  • Oven safe design up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Specific uses for cakes with easy-to-clean non-stick finish


  • Hand wash care instructions required

3. OAMCEG 2 Pack Madeleine Pan

OAMCEG 2 Pack Madeleine Pan

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Featuring a food-grade silicone coating and commercial-grade carbon steel construction, the OAMCEG 2 Pack Madeleine Pan stands out as the ideal choice for bakers seeking durable and versatile baking equipment. This pan, with a capacity for 12 cups, is heat resistant up to 450°F, ensuring it can withstand high baking temperatures.

The nonstick tray provides hassle-free baking and easy release of your delicious madeleines or other treats. While the ridges on the shells may not be as pronounced as some may prefer, the overall quality of this pan is highly praised by customers.

Cleaning is a breeze with hand washing recommended for longevity. The OAMCEG 2 Pack Madeleine Pan offers great value for the money and is perfect for both beginner and occasional bakers.

Best For: Beginner and occasional bakers looking for a durable and versatile madeleine pan at a great value.


  • Good quality non-stick surface
  • Value for money
  • Suitable for beginner/occasional bakers


  • Ridges on shell not very pronounced

2. Fox Run Non-Stick Madeleine Pan

Fox Run Non-Stick Madeleine Pan

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The Fox Run Non-Stick Madeleine Pan stands out as the top choice for bakers seeking a durable and expertly designed baking tool for crafting perfect madeleine cakes. This pan features 12 shell-shaped cavities made of durable carbon steel with a non-stick coating, ensuring easy release and even heat distribution for expert baking results. Measuring 15.5 x 7.5 x 1 inches, it’s oven safe up to 445 degrees Fahrenheit, providing versatility for various recipes.

While dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended to maintain its quality. Users appreciate the mini-sized design for bite-size treats, along with positive feedback on the quality, ease of use, and overall results. With a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating based on 1,964 reviews, this Fox Run pan is a reliable choice for your baking needs.

Best For: Those who enjoy baking bite-size treats like madeleine cakes and value easy release and even heat distribution in their bakeware.


  • Features 12 shell-shaped cavities for creating perfectly shaped madeleine cakes
  • Made of durable carbon steel with a non-stick coating for easy release
  • Oven safe up to 445 degrees Fahrenheit for versatile baking options


  • Hand washing is recommended for maintenance

1. YumAssist 2 Pack Nonstick Madeleine Pan

YumAssist 2 Pack Nonstick Madeleine Pan

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For those seeking a reliable and efficient baking tool, the YumAssist 2 Pack Nonstick Madeleine Pan stands out as a top choice with its classic French shell-shaped design and heavy-duty carbon steel construction. This pan has a traditional capacity of 12 cups, making it ideal for baking a dozen madeleines at once. The nonstick coating ensures easy release of your delicate treats and makes cleaning a breeze. Customers have praised its sturdiness, ease of use, and simple cleaning process. The YumAssist Madeleine Pan is dishwasher safe, adding to its convenience. With a high rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from over 3,000 reviews, this pan is a favorite among bakers for its quality and performance.

Best For: Bakers looking for a reliable and efficient pan for baking delicate treats like madeleines.


  • Classic French shell-shaped design adds a touch of elegance to baked goods
  • Heavy-duty carbon steel construction ensures durability and even baking
  • Nonstick coating allows for easy release of baked treats and effortless cleaning


  • Some users may find it challenging to slide the pan in and out of the oven

What to consider when choosing the best madeleine pans

Madeleine Pan

Blade Material and Sharpness

Consider the blade material and sharpness when selecting the best madeleine pans to ensure optimal baking results. The blade material of madeleine pans can vary from stainless steel to non-stick coatings, each affecting the baking outcome differently. Stainless steel pans offer durability and even heat distribution, ideal for achieving consistent results.

Non-stick coatings promote easy release of the delicate madeleines but may require gentle handling to maintain effectiveness. Sharp edges on the pan’s molds are crucial for creating the distinct shell shape of madeleines and ensuring a clean release. Opt for pans with well-defined edges to achieve beautifully shaped madeleines with crisp ridges, enhancing both appearance and texture.

Handle Design and Grip

As you select the best madeleine pans for your baking needs, pay attention to the handle design and grip for ease of use and comfort during your baking process. Ergonomic handles with a comfortable grip are essential for maneuvering the pan in and out of the oven effortlessly, especially when the pan is hot. Look for pans with sturdy handles that are securely attached to the pan to prevent accidents or spills.

Opt for pans with handles that stay cool to the touch to avoid burns while handling. A well-designed handle ensures a stable grip, making it easier to control the pan and achieve evenly baked madeleines.

Blade Length

To ensure you select the best madeleine pans for your baking needs, focus on the blade length as a crucial factor influencing the outcome of your delicate madeleine creations.

The blade length of a madeleine pan refers to the distance from the tip of the blade to the point where it meets the handle. Optimal blade length allows for precise shaping of the madeleine batter into the classic shell-like form with a hump in the middle.

Shorter blade lengths may result in shallow madeleines, while longer blades can make it challenging to control the batter distribution. Aim for a blade length that enables you to effortlessly shape and release the madeleines for consistent and professional-looking results.

Blade Angle

When selecting the best madeleine pans for your baking endeavors, the blade angle plays a crucial role in shaping and defining the delicate madeleine cakes for optimal results.

The blade angle of a madeleine pan determines the curvature and shell-like appearance of these classic French treats. Pans with sharper blade angles create more defined ridges on the madeleines, enhancing their visual appeal and texture.

On the other hand, pans with gentler blade angles produce softer edges, resulting in a smoother finish. Consider your preference for the texture and appearance of your madeleines when choosing a pan with the ideal blade angle. Experimenting with different blade angles can help you achieve the perfect madeleine that suits your taste and aesthetic preferences.


You absolutely can’t go wrong with any of the top-notch Madeleine pans of 2024. These pans are the epitome of perfection when it comes to baking those iconic shell-shaped treats. With their superior quality, durability, and precision, they’ll take your baking game to the next level. Say goodbye to mediocre results and hello to exquisite French pastry-making at its finest.