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10 Best Kitchen Torches of 2024

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The kitchen torches are standard in the culinary industry, precisely in restaurants. Professional chefs use the torches on cooked food to give it a better taste and look. The kitchen torches are used in baking, roasting, searing, etc., as it gives a smokey look and taste to the foods. These torches are fueled by butane gas and are adjustable in flame heat.

Best Kitchen Torches 2024

Here is a review of the top ten best kitchen torches in 2024

10. Sondiko Butane Torch, Refillable Kitchen Torch Lighter

Sondiko Kitchen Torches

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This kitchen torch gives the food that kicks the taste we all love. The kitchen torch is safe to use around kids since it has a safety lock that prevents accidental ignition. The torch can be used even outdoors since it is portable and uses butane gas to power it. Another feature that I love about this kitchen torch is the versatility. You can use it for caramelizing sugar as a top creme brulee, glazing, searing, and roasting, among others. This is a torch you can use to ignite a fire on candles, fireplace among others.

What we like
  • This kitchen torch can be filled with any butane gas
  • The frame of the torch is adjustable
  • This kitchen torch can be used to ignite a fire


The frame of this kitchen torch adjusts up to 2372 degrees F. The flat base supports the torch to prevent it from tipping off the table.

9. NANW Butane Torch, Refillable Kitchen Blow Torch Lighter


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The ergonomic handle of this kitchen torch provides a comfortable holding point so you can control the frame. The torch is recommendable for professional and culinary school use since it is easy to control. The lightweight style allows one to hold the kitchen torch with one hand as you turn the food with the other hand. The frame adjusts in three intervals to use for foods that need low to high flame finish.

What we like
  • This kitchen torch can be used with any gas
  • The kitchen torch is relatively light and comfortable to work with
  • It has a broad base to hold it firmly on the working table
  • The kitchen torch is durable


This is a professional kitchen torch that uses quality butane gas to deliver an excellent flame finish on foods. The flame adjusts to three levels

8. The perseids kitchen Torch, Double Flame Culinary Torch

The perseids Kitchen Torches

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One top feature of this kitchen torch is the double flame that provides the perfect smoking effect for desserts, barbeque, baking, and other cooking needs. The flame and heat levels are adjustable to fit different cooking needs. The torch flame has a valve for smooth adjusting the heat and the frame.

What we like
  • This kitchen torch has quality stainless steel materials that are durable
  • It has a portable style
  • The base is flat for ample support of the torch
  • You can regulate the flame size and heat


This is a professional kitchen torch that you can use for any cooking job that needs a torch flame. The heat adjusts up to 1300 degrees C for optimal heating.

7. Cadrim Butane Torch, Refillable Culinary Blow Torch


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If you are in culinary school, I would recommend this kitchen torch. It has a dual flame structure, but it is adjustable to a single flame use too. The adjusting valves are easily accessible on the torch to save time. Also, the ergonomic design provides comfort when working with this tool. The flame heat on this kitchen torch is adjustable depending on what you are preparing. Speaking of preparing, this torch is safe to use when caramelizing, searing, roasting bell peppers, melting cheese, and toasting bread.

What we like
  • This kitchen torch has a security lock to prevent unwanted ignition
  • You can use either single or double flame
  • The heat adjusts to 1155 degrees C
  • Has a comfortable handle


The igniter holds the pressed flame for as long as you use the torch. It is adjustable in heat level and the number of flames.

6. RONXS Butane Torch, Powerful Adjustable Flame Professional Torch

RONXS Kitchen Torches

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This is a versatile torch that you can use in cooking and for the ignition of the fire. Thus, you can tag it when going for outdoor adventures like camping. It is easy to work with a kitchen torch since it has an automatic functioning mode. Meaning, the torch keeps the flame burning when switched on. This is a durable kitchen torch that you can use for a long since the gas tank can last for 30 minutes when used non-stop.

What we like
  • This kitchen torch has a large gas tank to last longer
  • This torch has quality metal body construction
  • The kitchen torch has the automatic flame ignition
  • The flame heat is adjustable


You can buy this kitchen torch with confidence since it has quality construction, functions well, and comes with a customer warranty

5. Blusky Big Butane Torch Refillable Industrial Torch


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The compact design of this kitchen torch assures comfort when working with it for those working in restaurants. It also has non slip handle to provide a good grip. The torch is suitable for simple to deep flaming since it has a dual-flame style, plus the heat is adjustable. So, if you want to roast your tomatoes or pepper, this kitchen torch will do a good job.

What we like
  • The kitchen torch is light for portability
  • It is pretty comfortable to work with due to the non-slip handle
  • The torch releases double flames
  • The flame heat can adjust to 1300 degrees


This cooking torch is light and compact to fit people who need a torch flame when camping or during a picnic. The torch releases double flames, and it is adjustable

4. Gibot Culinary Torch, Blow Torch Kitchen Refillable Butane Torch Lighter

Gibot Kitchen Torches

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Every kitchen needs a cooking torch, and this right here is a versatile and convenient kitchen torch to get. You can use the torch to sear, roast, among other cooking needs that require flaming. It is an easy and comfortable kitchen torch to work with since it has a non-slip handle and is light. So, you can hold the torch with a single hand as you turn food for even flaming. The security lock mechanism ensures the torch stays locked when not in use, especially in areas with kids.

What we like
  • This kitchen torch has a premium and durable materials design
  • You can use it on all foods and most cooking that require flame smoking
  • The kitchen torch has a safety lock mechanism
  • This is easy to use a cooking torch


This kitchen torch features continued fire control to save time since you don’t need to turn the lever. The butane tank can hold gas of 8 to 10 grams

3. Butane Cooking Torch Lighter Refillable Metal Kitchen Culinary Blue


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If you love smoked barbeques, then I bet this kitchen torch will be a good choice. The torch is light and compact, so you can always tag it when going for your barbeque parties. The fact that you can refill it with most butane gas ensures convenience in use. This cooking torch has an adjustable flame, and the control knob is super easy to adjust. This torch is safe since it automatically locks when not in use to prevent accidental ignitions.

What we like
  • This kitchen torch has a security lock
  • You can refill the gas with majority butane gas
  • The flame on this torch is adjustable
  • It is quite easy to operate


This is a safe kitchen torch with Material Safety Data Sheet to guarantee your safety. The cooking torch is light, so you can carry it and use it from different places

2. Gibot Blow Torch Lighter Kitchen Culinary Torch Chef Cooking Torch

Gibot Kitchen Torches

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You don’t need to be a professional chef to learn how to use this cooking torch since it is pretty easy to work with. This cooking torch has a knob for regulating the flame size and for switching on and off. The lightweight design and ergonomic handle are other features that ensure your comfort when working with the torch. The torch is versatile as you can use it in baking, roasting among others.

What we like
  • The flame on the torch adjusts up to 1300 degrees C
  • The torch has the Piezo Ignition Technology for lighting up
  • The torch has the continuous flame style
  • This is a versatile kitchen torch


This kitchen torch has a continuous lighting mode, so you won’t need to press on pressing the ignition to start a fire. It is a durable kitchen torch that is refillable with butane gas

1. DYD Butane Torch, Culinary Torch Refillable Kitchen Cooking Torch


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This is a quality yet easy-operate kitchen torch for making Brulee Creme, barbeque, baking, and other cooking methods requiring a smoking flame finish. This torch has a powerful double flame that is also adjustable if you need a high flame level when cooking. The ergonomic handle plus lightweight style guarantees comfort when working with this torch. Hence, you can hold it with a single hand to work.

What we like
  • This is a multifunctional cooking torch
  • The torch is ergonomic and comfortable to hold when working
  • The flame of this torch is adjustable
  • The tank can hold a gas level of up to 12 grams


This is an all-around cooking torch that you can use to cook foods that require a flame finish. The control buttons are ergonomically positioned for easy access.


Whether you love to use a flaming kitchen torch for baking, roast, sear, or any other cooking method, these are the best choices. These are long-term kitchen torches since you need to refill the gas when finished. You can use the torches for most cooking and are easy to use too.