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10 Best Induction Cooktops of 2024

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What do you do when you need a cooking appliance that you can move around with? Get an induction cooktop burner. These are the most flexible cooking appliances that are portable and convenient for cooking. They use electromagnetic fields to conduct heat used for cooking. So, you will never experience smoke or gas smell around your cooking areas.

The induction cooktops have various heat levels to choose from and cooking power to create different tasty meals. Some induction cooktops have two or more cooking elements, and others are only equipped with a single element. Here are the top ten best induction cooktops in 2024.

List of Best Introdcution Cooktops Review

10. Sunmaki Portable Induction Cooktop

Sunmaki Induction Cooktops

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Enjoy outdoor cooking with family and friends using this induction cooktop. It features a compact and lightweight design for easy carrying to use from anywhere. This is an energy-efficient cooking appliance that operates at a high heat level of 2000 watts to save up to 93 percent of cooking time.

So, it is a recommendable cooking device for quick fixes at home. It has an LCD screen with blue lighting to ensure you have a sound vision of the settings selected. This induction cooktop has a digital control mode for easy selection of cooking time and heat level. It has ten heat levels that adjust from 200 to 2000 watts.

Special features
  • The timer range from 1 min to 4 hours
  • The heat output range up to 2000 watts
  • This induction cooktop connects to 15A 220V/240V sockets
  • It is pretty portable

9. Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop


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This induction cooktop measures 16.3 x 12.7 x 3.8 inches, a perfect size to fit in kitchen small spaces. This induction cooktop is compatible with most homes since it connects to 120 V sockets. The 15 preset heat intervals ensure you prepare different types of foods. This is a cooktop you can use when cooking foods that need a low to a high heat level.

This induction cooktop’s heat level adjusts from 200 to 2000 watts, and choosing the heat level is relatively smooth. Cleaning this cooktop in case of food spillage is smooth since it is made with glass and ABS materials. So, you need to wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth.

Special features
  • The induction cooktop has automatic pan detection mode
  • The temperature regulate from 140 to 460 degrees F
  • The device has 15 preset temperature modes
  • This cooktop is a space saver

8. SINGLEHOME 4 Burner Induction Cooktop

SINGLEHOME Induction Cooktops

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If you need a cooktop that cooks even the most challenging foods like steaks, this is a good induction cooktop to consider getting. This induction cooktop can prepare foods that need low to high heat since it has varying heat settings. This allows you to control heat output from as low as 200 to 2000 watts.

The induction cooktop does not take long to heat thanks to the electromagnetic wave heating system that also speeds up the cooking time.Not only does it make your cooking easy, but it ensures safety with kids in the house thanks to the available child lock safety.

Special features
  • The induction cooktop comes with a 1-year warranty
  • It has safety features
  • Features both touch and slide control options
  • This is an energy-efficient cooktop

7. Duxtop LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop


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This is a mighty yet powerful cooktop for home or small space areas. So, if you need a compact cooking appliance to use in the dorm, this is a great choice. This cooktop is made with two cooking elements that allow you to prepare two different foods at once to save time.

It also has an LCD with a blue backlit to easily monitor the cooking timer with the cooktop. With up to 20 preset cook powers, you can comfortably prepare the foods that need varying heat intervals with this cooktop. Also, it is suitable for most homes as it connects to the standard 120v sockets.

Special features
  • Cleaning this induction cooktop is easy
  • Cooks fast to save energy
  • The induction cooktop has two cooking elements
  • Easy to cook with

6. KarinearElectric Cooktop, Built-in Ceramic Cooktop

2 Burner Induction Cooktops

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This is an excellent cooktop with four cooking burners to consider getting for multiple cooking needs at home. The burners are equipped with varying heat output intervals, depending on their sizes. This is a convenient device that allows you to cook four kinds of foods at once.

It has quality material crafting that ensures the cooking foods get even heat distribution. The induction cooktop burner has nine preset heat levels to choose from and controls the heat when cooking various foods. This induction cooktop has a 20.47 x 23.23 x 2.05 inches dimension to save space.

Special features
  • This cooktop cooks 50 percent faster than traditional burners
  • Has four burners for cooking
  • You can use it with any cooking ware
  • Has knobs for easy control of heat

5. Sandoo Induction Cooktop


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Weighing just 8 pounds, moving this induction cooktop in case you want to use it from different locations is easy. It is a compact yet a powerful cooking device that fits various cooking methods. You can use it to fry, boil, steam, and even sautee, among others. The heat is adjustable to accommodate all these cooking methods.

Besides, the temperature regulates in 6 different modes with a heat output of 200 to 2000 watts. Another thing to note is that this induction cooktop has two cooking spots. This allows you to cook two different foods at once.

Special features
  • It has a digital sensor control mode
  • The cooktops are compatible with all cooking pot wares
  • The heat adjusts in 6 different intervals
  • The induction cooktop comes with a one year warranty

4. ChefWave CW-IC01 1800W Portable Induction Countertop Burner

ChefWave Induction Cooktops

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Do you need a compact and reliable cooking device to use in your dorm? Well, I recommend this induction cooktop burner. The burner only measures 7.9 x 14 x 19.1 inches to save your storage space, and it is light for easy setup to cook. This cooktop burner only utilizes around 15 amps to save energy and cooking time.

There is no cooking method you cannot use with this cooktop burner. It features 20 preset heat levels that fit different cooking methods. The heat level adjusts from 100 to 1800 watts so you can control the cooking heat. Setting up and changing the programs on this cooktop burner is a walk in the park as it has the sensor touch mode for quickly changing the settings.

Special features
  • The heat regulate from 140 to 460 degrees
  • This induction cooktop burner only weighs 1 pound
  • It is an energy-efficient cooking device
  • Easy to control with the sensor control mode

3. NutriChef Double Induction Cooktop


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Save time and cooking energy by getting this cooktop from Nutrichef. The cook burners heat up pretty fast and use high heat output to get the food ready with minimal time. It has two cooking elements so that you can prepare two dishes at a go. Note that each cooking element has its heat configuration to control the number of heat, depending on the foods or cooking method you are using.

This induction cooktop has multiple preset cooking methods, which you get to choose with a touch of a button. So, whether you want to fry, sautee, boil or even steam foods, this induction cooktop will for sure not let you down.

Special features
  • This induction cooktop connects to all the 120 volts power adapters
  • Has a compact style to save space in a cooking area
  • Features two cooking zones
  • Supports multiple cooking methods
  • It has a child safety lock

2. KeniChole Portable Induction Cooktop Electric Burner

KeniChole Induction Cooktops

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This is another compact induction cooktop burner worth every penny. Besides, it is pretty affordable as it costs less than 100 dollars. The induction cooktop is suitable for preparing foods in different cooking methods, as you can regulate the heat level. The heat regulates in 8 different intervals with an output of 300 to 1800 watts.

You can use this cooktop burner to prepare foods that require minimal to long cooking time. The timer intervals range from 1 minute up to2 hours. For safety and prevent overheating, the cooktop is equipped it a 59-minute countdown timer with automatic shut-off.

Special features
  • This cooktop burner is compatible with all electromagnetic cookware
  • Has a heating interval of 60 to 240 degrees C
  • The cooktop burner is exceptionally portable
  • Has eight power settings

1. CUISUNYO Portable Induction Cooktop


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A lightweight induction cooktop you can carry to use from anywhere you prefer. It is also compact to fit small areas, mainly for people living in small condos or apartments. Regardless of its size, this is a cooktop you can use for most cooking needs at home.

It has ten power level settings so you can easily control the amount of heat you need in your cooking. The cooktop burner connects to most homes with 110 V sockets and can function at high heat outputs of up to 1800 watts. The cooking settings are straightforward for easy selection on the cooktop.

Special features
  • This cooktop has ten power levels
  • It is easy to operate
  • The cooktop is compatible with most cookware
  • The cooking heat adjusts up to 1800 watts


Induction cooktops are the best cooking appliances if you need flexible cookers that you can use from different areas. The reviewed induction cooktops are made in different styles whereby some have single cooking elements, and others are equipped with more than one element to support more than one cooking ware.