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The Best Hand Mixers of 2024

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If you occasionally bake or make pastry food for your family, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy a stand mixer, hand mixers are the best alternatives. The majority of hand mixers are quite affordable as they retail at less than 100 dollars, and still do a great job in mixing. Most hand mixers come with more than one mixing attachment to use when making various flour and other food consistencies.

Although they are handheld tools, they feature lightweight designs, so you don’t feel bulkiness or fatigue on hand when working. Thus, keep in mind that you can hold your hand mixer with a single hand when working. The following review features the top ten best hand mixers in the market.

Best Hand Mixers in 2024

10. Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage, 9-Speed Handheld Mixer

Cuisinart Hand Mixers

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Note that although this is a handheld mixer, it only weighs 4 pounds to prevent hand fatigue. The mixer has 9 working speeds, so you can get varying and the best flour consistency when working with it. Operating or working with this hand mixer is easy for all, including a beginner. It only has two buttons; one for on/ off and the other for adjusting the mixing speed.

Another recommendable feature of this hand mixer is the three slow starting speeds that prevent the ingredients from spattering around the working area.

Special features

  • This hand mixer comes with other accessories (beaters, chef’s whisk, dough hooks and spatula)
  • One is also provided with a menu book
  • It has 9 functioning speeds
  • The mixer comes with a carrying case

9. LILPARTNER Hand Mixer


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This is a powerful electric-powered hand mixer that saves time when making dough and other flour products. The hand mixer has five-speed settings to select, depending on what you are mixing to cook. This also makes it easy to work with different ingredients without causing much mess in the working area.

With a 400 watts motor, this mixer works fast and efficiently in mixing different types of cooking products. No hustle in controlling it thanks to the one-button option. Whether you have a small working space or not, this mixer is meant for all kitchens since it is compact and only weighs 1.9 pounds.

Special features

  • This is a comfortable and easy to operate hand mixer
  • The motor works with 400 watts
  • The mixer has five-speed settings
  • Features single button control

8. TIBEK Hand Held Mixer 300W

TIBEK Hand Mixers

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Whether you are baking or want to prepare some pancakes for your family, this is a multifunctional hand mixer worth buying for mixing jobs. It functions at 6-speed intervals, so you can easily control the mixing process to get the right content. The hand mixer comes with four attachments two beaters and two dough hooks.

Working with this mixer even for long is easy as it has a large ergonomic handle. On top of this, the mixer is quite light for comfort and prevents hand fatigue. Worried about the quality of this hand mixer? Well, no need to since it has premium material construction, and comes with 24 months warranty

Special features

  • This hand mixer is light and compact in style
  • It is perfect for preparing the dough
  • Comes with four attachments
  • The motor function at 300 watts

7. BLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer


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Make your dough kneading and other beating and mixing jobs easy with this hand mixer from Black +Decker. The mixer comes with five attachments that you use for beating, mixing and whisking as well. So, this is an all-around kitchen tool worth buying. The best part is that this can mixer is quite affordable as it costs less than 30 dollars.

The attachments are made of stainless steel materials, resistant to rust even after long exposure to water. Also, note that you can clean them in a dishwasher. The hand mixer is 20 percent slower when starting to prevent blowing the ingredients, especially the flour around the working table

Special features

  • This is a multifunctional hand mixer
  • The mixer comes with five working attachments
  • The hand mixer only weighs 2.1 pounds
  • It adjusts in six working speeds

6. SHARDOR Hand Mixer 350W Power Advantage Electric Handheld Mixers

SHARDOR Hand Mixers

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What I love about this hand mixer is that all the control buttons are installed on the handle. So, changing the speed and turning it on and off is quite easy and quick. The hand mixer comes with 5 attachments, two useful for beating ingredients like eggs and two others for mixing and folding dough, plus a whisk.

All the attachments are compatible with the dishwasher for smooth cleaning after cooking sessions. No need to struggle to look for a place to organize your mixer and the attachments since it comes with a storage case.

Special features

  • This hand mixer has five-speed intervals
  • Comes with five stainless steel attachments
  • It is easy to operate this mixer
  • The motor function at 350 watts

5. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Hamilton Beach

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This a win mixer essential for beating, mixing and whisking ingredients when cooking. The mixer has six speeds, plus it starts at a slow speed automatically to reduce wastage and the ingredients spattering all around the working area. The control buttons are equipped right on the handle for smooth operation and interchanging the speed without switching off the mixer.

The potent motor on this mixer operates at 275 watts to handle multiple baking needs. The mixer comes with other working accessories, which include a beater, dough hook and whisk.

Special features

  • It has a built-in groove that rests the mixer on a bowl
  • The hand mixer works at 6-speed intervals
  • The motor works at 275 watts
  • This hand mixer is light

4. Elechomes 5-Speed Hand Mixer Electric

Elechomes Hand Mixers

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This is an affordable electric hand mixer essential for operating different dough consistency for cooking. You can use it when making pancakes or even baking as it comes with five attachments for preparing the ingredients. If you have a bakery, this is a recommendable hand mixer to use at your shop since it is light and compact.

So, working with it for long hours is comfortable. This hand mixer has a powerful and durable motor that functions at 300 watts to deliver fast mixing results. It is a durable mixer that will last you for a long since all attachments are made with 304 stainless steel materials. Also, you can clean them in a dishwasher.

Special features

  • This hand mixer is made of stainless steel materials
  • It comes with five mixing attachments
  • The motor operates at 300 watts
  • The attachments can be cleaned in a dishwasher

3. OCTAVO 5 Speed Hand Mixer Electric


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A great and powerful hand mixer that you can use for multiple cooking needs. The hand mixer has a great motor that operates at 250 W power output to save time when preparing different cooking products. The mixer is useful when baking as well since it comes with whisking, beating and dough sticks essential for, making different contents.

Apart from having an ergonomic handle, this hand mixer is quite light to ensure your hand does not get fatigued when working. All the attachments are detachable and can be cleaned in a dishwasher or using hands.

Special features

  • This hand mixer has five operational speed intervals
  • Has heavy-duty metal material construction
  • The mixer comes with four attachments
  • The package comes with a plastic storage base

2. Bear 2×5 Speed 300W Handheld Mixer

Bear Hand Mixers

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One thing that stands out with this hand mixer is that it has a storage base where you organize all your mixing attachments. So, you get to keep all your mixer parts in the same place for easy access when working. The electric hand mixer has a reliable motor that functions at 300 watts.

It comes with four attachments that you can use when preparing different foods, including mashing foods. Being made with stainless steel materials, the attachments can be washed with water using hands or a dishwasher. This hand mixer is suitable for people running a pastry shop since it has a lightweight and comfortable grip.

Special features

  • This hand mixer is multifunctional
  • The motor works at 300 watts
  • The tool has 5-speed intervals
  • Easy and comfortable to work with

1. Brentwood HM-48BL Lightweight 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer


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For people who need a simple hand mixer for their cooking at home, this is a reliable model for checking out. The hand mixer has an ergonomic handle, plus all the control buttons are situated on the handle for a smooth selection.

There is nothing you cannot do with this hand mixer ranging from; beating eggs, mixing flour and even mashing foods. The mixer attachments are made with stainless steel materials and are easy to clean since you can use a dishwasher.

Special features

  • This is a lightweight hand mixer
  • The hand mixer motor works at 150 watts power output
  • The mixer has an ergonomic handle for comfortable gripping
  • It has 5-speed intervals to choose from


If you need a quality and reliable working hand mixer for your pastry shop or home use, the above reviewed are the perfect options. These hand mixers are comfortable to work with for long as they have comfortable gripping and are light. They are versatile mixing tools you can use for multiple food preparation jobs since they come with various attachments. The speed intervals allow one to prepare different flour contents.