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10 Best Grill Pans of 2024

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What makes up a good grill pan? Of course, it has to be versatile to fit all your cooking needs. The grill pan should have quality materials and be compatible with different cooking fires. Well, grill pans are cooking pans useful for grilling, roasting, and sauteing, to name a few. These pans have a non-stick coating to ensure the food cooks well and does not stick on the pan. Below are our top ten selections of the best grill pans in 2024.

Best Grill Pans In 2024

10. Le Creuset Square Skillet Grill Pan

Le Creuset Grill Pans

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Get that perfectly roasted lamb chops by roasting with this quality grill pan. The pan features raised grill impart- marks essential for preventing the foods from soaking the fat dripping on the pan. This pan has a dual spout design essential for smooth pouring out foods. The long ergonomic handle ensures you have enough space to hold the pan when turning foods or removing them from the grill.

What we like
  • This grill pan only has quality cast iron material crafting
  • Its handle has a loop for hanging if you don’t have enough storage space in your kitchen
  • The cooking surface is coated with non-stick material to prevent foods from sticking
  • This grill pan is safe to cook in the oven at high temperatures


This is a grill pan that will not limit your cooking needs since it has a heavy-duty construction. The pan is wide to fit a large number of foods.

9. Marquette Castings Enameled Grill Pan


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Nothing feels better than being able to buy quality cooking ware to last you for many years. This grill pan is one of a kind since it has quality construction and does a fantastic job cooking. The grill pan has a lid for covering your foods to cook fast and evenly on top parts. The grill features a lightweight design, so flipping your foods to cook is easy and comfortable. With a dimension of 11 inches square, this grill pan is suitable for preparing food for small to medium serving.

What we like
  • The pan has large impart marks that prevent the food from absorbing the fat
  • The pan comes with a lid to evenly cover the cooking food
  • This pan is relatively light in weight, so moving it around is smooth and comfortable
  • You can flip the pan and use it as a double-sided pan


The interior parts of the pan have a semi-gloss finish essential for easy cleaning after cooking.

8. Ecowin 10 inch Nonstick Grill Pan

Ecowin Grill Pans

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This is a versatile cooking grill pan you can use to prepare different foods. You can use the pan for frying, roasting your meat, and even for sauteeing vegetables. The long non-slip handle provides a comfortable holding space so you can turn your food when cooking. This grill pan will last you for a long time since it has 4.0mm thick aluminum crafting. The thick materials help to control the heat so the food can cook slowly and evenly.

What we like
  • This grill pan has a non-stick coating that ensures the food does not stick on the walls of the grill pan
  • This pan comes with 30 days money refund warranty
  • The pan has thick and quality aluminum material crafting


The quality construction materials on this pan guarantee you can cook any food with it

7. FAVIA 10 inch Nonstick Square Grill Pan


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If you plan to go camping and need a pan for all your cooking needs, I recommend this model from the FAVIA grill pan. The pan is compatible with an induction stove so that you can use it from anywhere. Made with die-cast aluminum materials, this is a durable and quality pan you can use with high to low heat. You don’t have to strain the storage space in our kitchen since the handle of this pan detaches for easy storing the pan.

What we like
  • This is an easy clean dishwasher compatible pan
  • This grill pan is multifunctional, and you can use it for most cooking methods
  • The handle easily detaches for easy storage in the house


The 303 aluminum alloy construction and 430 stainless steel anti-warp base guarantee the durability of this pan.

6. Backcountry Cast Iron 12″ Large Square Grill Pan

Backcountry Grill Pans

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One feature that you will love from this grill pan is the dual handle style. Besides the long handle, the pan has another handle on the side for holding to pour your food. Also, you can pour food from either side of the pan since it has two contoured spouts. The quality materials construction of this pan ensures you can cook with it using different fires. Therefore, it is safe to use with induction stoves, an oven, and electric cooktops.

What we like
  • This grill pan is made with heavy-duty Cast iron with non-stick coating
  • The pan has dual handles for easy pouring
  • You can cook with the pan most types of foods
  • The pan has a cooking surface of 12 inches so you can prepare ample food


A grill pan that you can use with different cooking appliances is good since it is comfortable to use indoors and outdoors. This pan can be used with any cooking appliance

5. Cast Iron Square Grill Pan with Glass Lid

Cast Iron

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You will never struggle to look for a lid that is compatible with this grill pan since it comes with its glass lid for covering the cooking food. The lid of this pan has glass tempered glass that is transparent. So, you can still view your cooking food without necessarily opening the lid! The grill pan will serve you while indoors and outdoors since it is compatible with various cooking appliances.

What we like
  • You can use this grill pan for any cooking method
  • The premium quality heavy-duty cast iron construction of the pan ensures it serves you for long
  • This pan comes with 30 days money refund warranty and a lifetime warranty


You can clean this pan using warm water and hands. The pan is recommendable for use indoors and outdoors

4. EaZy MealZ Non-Stick Square Grill Pan

EaZy MealZ Grill Pans

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This is one of the best grill pans you can use for grilling or roasting your steaks. The grill features large and well-contoured impart marks that make the meat have beautiful lines when cooked. The pan also has thick and heavy-duty cast iron materials that ensure your meat gets even heat distribution when cooking. Whether you want to roast your meat in the oven or a cooktop, the grill pan can endure heat levels, including in ovens.

What we like
  • This grill pan is compatible with ovens and can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees F
  • The pan is relatively light since it only weighs 2 pounds
  • This pan has a spacious cooking area
  • The handle stays cool for easy holding to turn food


The pan has a cooking space of 10.5 inches and is safe to cook in the oven.

3. Victoria Cast Iron Grill Pan. Square Grill Pan


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If you need a quality grill pan on a budget, the victoria cast iron pan is a great option. This pan can do most cooking and costs less than 20 dollars. Some of the features you will enjoy on this grill pan are the heavy-duty cast iron essential for retaining heat for even cooking of foods. The pan also has pre-seasoning essential for eliminating the high use of cooking oil. So, you can use the pan to prepare healthy meals for your family.

What we like
  • This is a versatile cooking grill pan you can use for various cooking methods
  • This grill pan has premium and durable cast iron material crafting
  • This pan comes with a lifetime warranty


This pan is way affordable and ideal for people on a budget. The pan is made with quality cast iron materials that guarantee its durability

2. Cainfy Round Grill Pan with Lid

Cainfy Grill Pans

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This is another grill pan that comes with a lid for covering your food when cooking. We can say it is a safe grill pan to use outdoors since your food will be safe from pests and bugs. The pan features ergonomic handles for comfortable holding when cooking and turning foods. You can use it for cooking in an oven, electric cooktops, and induction cooktops. Another feature that stands out on this pan is the double non-stick coating that ensures your food does not stick on the pan when cooking.

What we like
  • This pan takes a few seconds to heat up evenly
  • You can cook with it in an oven with a heat level of 500 degrees F
  • The pan comes with 25 years warranty


The die-cast Aluminum materials of this cooking grill pan heat up quickly to save cooking time. The non-stick coating has pure and safe materials

1. Lodge Carbon Steel Grilling Pan


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You don’t need to use high heat when cooking with this pan grill. The heavy-duty cast steel materials plus the seasoning finish help the pan retain heat for slow but even cooking of foods. The entire pan is made with 12 gauge carbon steel that guarantees its durability. You can use this grill pan when cooking on gas induction and others like firewood and electric cooktops.

What we like
  • This grilling pan is large to accommodate a lot of foods
  • Cleaning this grill pan is relatively easy
  • The pan is only constructed with the best quality materials


This is a good grilling pan to use in your backyard since you can use it with different cooking devices. The pan has quality materials that are powerful to retain the heat.


These are quality, versatile, and easy to clean grill pans you could ever find in the market. Our top ten grill pans selection is made with premium materials that ensure they can cook with different fires. Some of the reviewed grill pans are compatible with ovens too.