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10 Best Electric Kettles of 2024

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Almost every home has an electric kettle since it saves time when boiling water for cooking or making beverages. With time, these devices have evolved since some kettles help make tea and coffee; others are cordless, which saves storage space. The electric kettle heaters feature different functioning powers and capacities. If you plan on buying an electric kettle for home use, here are the top ten to look at electric kettles in 2024

Best Electric Kettles

10. Mueller Ultra Kettle: Model No. M99S 1500W Electric Kettle

Mueller Electric Kettles

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Not only is this electric kettle made of quality material, but it is pretty elegant. The kettle has durable borosilicate glass and 304 stainless steel materials, resistant to rust and corrosion. The clear glass gives a beautiful view of the water boiling in the kettle. You don’t need to monitor this electric kettle since it has an auto shut mode. It automatically switches off when the water boils.

What we like
  • This electric kettle switches off instantly when it detects there is no water for safety
  • The kettle has an LED indicator to show when switched on and water is boiling
  • This electric kettle works fast at 1500 watts


This is a safe electric kettle to use in homes with kids since it cannot switch on unless there is enough water. The kettle works fast when boiling water

9. Electric Kettle, Miroco 1.5L Double Wall


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If you’re looking for an electric kettle for your office use, maybe when making tea and coffee for your guests, I suggest you get this kettle. It works pretty fast with the 1500 watts power output to get the water ready. The majority of this electric kettle is made with 304 stainless steel materials that guarantee its durability even after constant use.

The spout area has a plastic ream made with BPA-free material for safety purposes. This kettle is quite fast since it prepares around 8 cups of water within 6 to 7 minutes.

What we like
  • This electric kettle has an on and off LED indicator
  • The kettle connects to the standard 120-volt power source
  • It can boil 8 cups of water at ago
  • Does not take long to boil water


With a power output of 1500 watts, this electric kettle takes less than 10 minutes to boil water. It also automatically switches off to save time.

8. Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle, Water Boiler & Heater

Hamilton Beach Electric Kettles

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This is a versatile electric kettle you can use for boiling water and for preparing coffee or tea. The kettle may have a compact size, but it contains up to 1.7 liters of water. The electric kettle boils water quite fast since it has high power output. The stainless steel material crafting guarantees durability as the kettle does neither rust nor corrode from the water contacts.

What we like
  • The kettle has a button for switching on and off
  • The kettle body has a measured level to prevent overflowing water
  • The spout is well contoured for accessible pouring water
  • The kettle detaches from the cord for smooth pouring and refilling water


This is a fast functioning electric kettle to use at home, dorms, or business places. The kettle automatically switches off when the water boils.

7. HadinEEon Electric Kettle Temperature Control Tea Kettle


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Get your coffee water ready within a few minutes with this electric kettle. It is a beautiful kettle recommendable for homes, dorms, or business areas since it works fast and prepares extensive water contents. You can leave your water boiling to do other jobs since the kettle automatically goes off once the water boils. The kettle has a transparent glass material so you can easily view the water. However, it also has a measuring level to ensure you don’t put too much water in the kettle.

What we like
  • The kettle boils water in six different program options
  • The kettle works fast with 1500 watts
  • This kettle is large to fit 1.7 liters of water
  • It is cordless to save space and prevent accidents


Safety is guaranteed with this electric kettle since it cannot switch on when the empty. It has six different heat boiling programs to choose from

6. Brentwood KT-1780 1.5L Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

Brentwood Electric Kettles

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If you don’t have a large working table, probably in your dorm, this is an excellent electric kettle to buy. It is cordless, so you don’t have to deal with cords tangling on your working table. Also, considering the kettle is compact, it does not take up significant space.

The boiling speed is pretty much commendable as the kettle functions at 1000 watts. The body of this electric kettle has stainless steel materials that are easy to maintain and do not rust.

What we like
  • This kettle comes with one year warranty
  • It automatically shuts off when the water boils
  • This kettle is made with quality BPA free materials
  • The handle is large and ergonomic for easy pouring


You don’t need to deal with cords hanging on the table as this electric kettle is entirely cordless. This electric kettle functions at 1000 watts.

5. Viante Glass Electric Tea Kettle. Fast Water Boiler


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One feature that stands out on this electric kettle is the operating speed. It boils water at 1500 watts that save 20 percent of the time compared to a traditional kettle heater. This kettle heater is made with 100 percent BPA-free materials that are durable and comfortable to maintain. Not only does this kettle boil water, but it has to sterilize property where it continually boils water for an extra 30 seconds to sterilize it.

What we like
  • The wide mouth makes refilling and cleaning easy
  • It has quality materials construction
  • This electric kettle sterilizes boiled water
  • Has an LED indicator to show when on


Save water boiling time in the kitchen with this electric kettle. It has quality borosilicate glass materials that are resistant to scratching, plus a stainless steel base.

4. Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Cordless Electric kettle

Cuisinart Electric Kettles

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An electric kettle that allows you to choose the right boiling temperature is convenient and healthy. This electric kettle has five boiling heat intervals to choose from. All the buttons, including the start button, are situated in the same space for easy access. The kettle has a high capacity as it can boil up to 1.7 liters of water at once. The LE indicator ensures you easily monitor when the kettle is on and off.

What we like
  • This kettle is cordless to save space and prevent accidents
  • It has water measuring scale that is removable for cleaning
  • The kettle has 30 minutes timer to keep the water warmer
  • Comes with three years warranty

3. Brentwood Cordless Electric Kettle with Tea Infuser


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This is a versatile electric kettle that comes with a tea infuser such that you can also utilize it for making tea. The kettle has a glass body, so you can easily monitor your boiling water or tea. The control buttons are located on the ergonomic handle for easy reach when making changes. This is a convenient electric kettle to use in dorms since it is cordless and has a compact base to save space. The kettle has a large water holding capacity of 1.8 liters.

What we like
  • This is a versatile kettle
  • The kettle has a large capacity since it can hold up to 1.8 liters
  • It has a heatproof long handle for comfort when holding to pour water
  • The kettle quickly lifts off the base for easy pouring of tea or water

2. GREECHO Electric Kettle Temperature Control

GREECHO Electric Kettles

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Besides featuring a beautiful blue finish, this electric kettle is best when it comes to making water in varying temperatures. The kettle has seven preset programs consisting of varying temperature levels to choose from. This makes it a versatile electric kettle that you can use to boil water and make beverages. With a function power output of 1100 watts, this kettle works pretty fast to save time and power consumption.

What we like
  • This electric kettle has a long ergonomic spout for smooth pouring
  • This kettle has an inbuilt thermostatic control
  • The electric kettle heater automatically goes off when the water is ready
  • This electric kettle can keep water warm for up to 2 hours


With seven preset boiling programs, this electric kettle ensures you get the perfect boiled water. The kettle functional at 1500 watt to save boiling time

1. VOSEN Electric Kettle Electric Tea Kettle


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Although most parts of this kettle consist of stainless steel material, rest assured it will serve you for a long since the materials are rust and corrosion-resistant. This kettle features double-wall construction for durability. The water automatically switches off when the water reaches the boiling point. It has a safety mechanism where it automatically goes off after 20 minutes when empty. The kettle has a control button for switching on.

What we like
  • This electric kettle comes with one year warranty
  • The handle of this kettle is super long for comfortable gripping to pour
  • The kettle switches off when empty for safety
  • It has a single button control


This kettle only takes 6 minutes to boil 8 cups of water. It has heat-resistant materials for safety when holding the kettle to pour water.


Some electric kettles can do more than boiling water. From our reviews, some electric kettles are safe to cook tea or coffee with. Some have multiple heat programs to choose from when boiling waters or making tea. So the choice is yours based on your needs.