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10 Best Electric Cheese Graters of 2024

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Preparing cheese when cooking is not everyone’s hobby. Shredding the cheese is slow, and you may end up with a messy working place or hands. Therefore, to save time and ensure your cheese is perfectly shredded, get an electric cheese grater.

These are electric-powered tools equipped with different grater cones for shredding cheese and other food ingredients. Therefore, most of the electric cheese graters help prepare other foods like vegetables or fruits. Below are the top ten perfect electric cheese graters to checkout.

Best Electric Cheese Graters Review

10.Presto 02970 Professional Salad-Shooter Electric Slicer

Presto Electric Cheese Graters

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This is a must-have versatile kitchen tool essential for shredding and slicing various kitchen foods. This cheese grater comes with four interchangeable cones necessary for working on different foods. You can use it to grate cheese, slice vegetables, and other ingredients you may require to prepare various foods in your kitchen.

This cheese grater has a handy cone that directs the shredded or sliced foods in a bowl to prevent messing the kitchen area or wastage. Cleaning the cones after use is smooth as they are made of stainless steel materials. So, you can wash them with water.

Special features

  • This is a versatile cheese grater tool
  • The cheese grater is relatively easy to operate
  • This cheese grater has a compact size to save space
  • The grater only weighs 3.9 pounds

9. Slicer Shredder Attachments Cheese Grater


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If you are a cheese lover or love preparing pizza for your family, this grater will suit you. The grater is versatile for preparing different ingredients and shreds the cheese in seconds. This is a tool that you can also use in your baking jobs. It comes with removable grater attachments that you can replace with mixers.

This kitchen tool’s housing structure has BPA-free plastic materials, while the extensions are made of stainless steel materials, so they are safe to clean with water after every use. Changing this grater’s blades is easy since it has a pusher for releasing the grater cones to remove.

Special features

  • This is a grater you can use as a dough or flour mixer
  • The tool comes with three greater attachments
  • You can use it to shred different shapes and sizes of cheese
  • •This cheese grater has durable materials crafting

8. Presto Salad Shooter Electric Slicer/Shredder

Presto Electric Cheese Graters

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This compact, beautiful white cheese grater is convenient for most homes since it does not take up huge counter space when working. Still, working with this shredder to prepare your cheese is smooth since it is easy to operate.

This grater allows you to shred or slice multiple ingredients consecutively without cleaning the grater cones in between, a good feature when preparing large food servings. This grater is equipped with a cone essential for shooting the shredded cheese or vegetables into the bowl to prevent wastage and messes.

Special features

  • This cheese grater is relatively light
  • Can be used to grate multiple foods
  • Interchanging the grating cones is smooth
  • The attachments are safe to clean in the dishwasher

7. TIBEK Electric Slicer, Cheese Grater


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One feature that makes this a perfect grater for every home is the multifunctional design. You don’t necessarily need to use this grater when preparing cheese, as it works perfectly for other foods. The grater works pretty much easy and fast as with a touch of a button; it gets the cheese shredded. It is powered by a 200 watts motor that empowers it to work faster and better.

The grating cones are designed to direct the foods to the bowl to avoid wastage and messing around the kitchen counter. This cheese grater is made with grade one safe food materials. The casing is made of BPA-free plastic materials, while the graters have stainless steel materials.

Special features

  • This cheese grater comes with a 2-year warranty
  • The cone blades are sharp and work fast
  • Working with this grater is smooth and easy
  • The grater functions in five different modes

6. Homdox Electric Slicer/ Shredder

Homdox Electric Cheese Graters

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You don’t have to struggle to grate your cheese to the perfect sizes when preparing pizza or other canaries. This electric shredder gets the work done quickly and perfectly too. The cheese grater has a powerful motor that functions at 150 watts to save time when making foods.

This cheese grater tool comes with four interchangeable cones essential for cutting the cheese in varying shapes and sizes. Also, note these grating cones are versatile such that you can use them to cut vegetables, chocolate, fruits, among other kitchen ingredients.

Special features

  • The grating cones are compatible with a dishwasher for easy cleaning
  • The tool comes with four interchangeable cones
  • This cheese grater is light and compact
  • You can use it to slice and shred vegetables

5. MegaChef 4 in 1 Stainless Steel Electric Maker


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With just a single press of a button, this electric grater gets the cheese shredded to the correct sizes, ready to cook. It is a versatile tool you utilize for shredding, slicing, and even shooting salad when preparing. The tool comes with three cone attachments in different styles.

The major parts of this cheese grater have grade one stainless steel materials for easy maintenance after use. So, you can detach the cones and clean them in the dishwasher or with running water. The cones installation part is systematically designed such that the shredded and sliced foods direct to the bowl to ensure no wastage.

Special features

  • This electric cheese grater is a space saver
  • The grater comes with three different grating cones
  • It is pretty easy to operate
  • The three cones shoot, shred and slice various foods

4. Tevokon Cheese Grinder Rotary Cheese Shredder

Tevokon Electric Cheese Graters

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This cheese shredder may have a compact and lightweight design, but it is pretty mighty when functioning. The materials crafting of this cheese grater is quite durable, and it has a non-slip base that holds it firmly on different areas. This also allows you to work without the need to hold the shredder on the table.

The tool comes with three grater cones essential for shredding cheese and slicing/shredding other foods like vegetables, nuts, chocolate, among others. It is easy to operate since it has a control knob for switching when shredding foods.

Special features

  • This shredder comes with a cleaning brush to remove all residuals
  • It is perfect for vegetable and other foods as well
  • Operating this cheese shredder is easy for all
  • The base has non slip materials

3. Electric Vegetable Graters Professional, Electric Slicer


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If you own a pizza place, this is an excellent electric slicer and shredder to buy for your cooking. This grater is perfect for shredding cheese and other vegetables when making pizza and other foods. Operating it is smooth since it has a powerful motor and fewer control buttons.

Besides, it gets the cheese shredded quickly and to various shapes. It comes with four interchangeable grating cones that allow you to attain multiple forms of vegetables, fruits, and cheese.

Special features

  • This grater functions at 150 watts
  • Can be used to shred and slice cheese, vegetables, and fruits
  • The tool only has a single operational mode
  • It is pretty easy to clean

2. Angotrade Automatic Electric Slicer Shredder

Angotrade Electric Cheese Graters

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This is a professional shredder helpful in preparing vegetables, cheese, and other ingredients when cooking. It has four attachments for slicing, shredding, and cuttings ingredients. This cheese slicer has a great motor that functions at a power output of 150 watts to save your time in the kitchen.

The grating cones are smooth to interchange when working, plus you can wash them in the dishwasher. Another thing that I love about this electric shredder is the size. It is relatively small such that you can fit it under a drawer. It fits perfectly at small working counters since it does not require large storage spaces.

Special features

  • The shredder comes with four working cones
  • It is a space saver
  • Cleaning this cheese shredder after use is easy
  • Functions at a 150 watts

1. Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper

Hamilton Beach

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The quality construction, plus the powerful motor on this Hamilton machine, ensure you are unstoppable when making different foods. This is also a multifunctional tool you can use for preparing purees, shredding cheese, vegetables, and even fruits.

The tool has a large capacity to fit significant food preparation needs, probably for people who own a restaurant or pizza. The large chute allows one to insert large foods like whole carrots to achieve great shredding and slicing results.

Special features

  • This tool functions at 450 watts power output
  • It is a multifunctional tool
  • It is made with premium materials crafting
  • Operates in two different speed intervals


These are the top ten best cheese grater tools in the market. The graters come with various grater cones that allow you to grate cheese in different sizes and shapes. They function to also use them to prepare other food ingredients like vegetables and fruits. So, find the perfect grater for your kitchen from these ten options.