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10 Best Carbon Steel Pans in 2024

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If you plan to buy steel cooking pans for your home use, you need to consider carbon steel pans. The pans made with carbon steel are extremely durable and strong to withstand different cooking methods and heat levels. The carbon steel pans are also made with a non-stick coating to secure food from sticking, and if you enjoy healthy meals, these pans reduce oil usage. Another feature that sets the carbon steel pans a bar up is using them for cooking in an oven. The below review features the top ten best carbon steel pans in 2024

Best Carbon Steel Pans Review

10. Lodge Not Available CRS12 Carbon Steel Skillet

Lodge Carbon Steel Pans

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This pan features 14 gauge carbon steel materials that are strong and distribute heat evenly even to cook foods. Another feature of this pan that stands out is the healing period, as the pan takes little time to heat up. Whether you want to use the pan outdoors or indoors, it is a flexible pan since it is compatible with most fires. You can cook with the pan on open fires, electric stoves, induction gas, and even stovetops. This carbon steel pan will ensure you only prepare healthy meals since it has non-stick.

What we like
  • This is a quality and strong pan
  • You can utilize the pan for different cooking methods
  • Cleaning this pan is easy since you need to rub it with oil immediately after cooking


This 14 gauge carbon steel pan is strong and heats quite fast. It is compatible with most cooking fires.

9. Merten & Storck Carbon Steel Black Frying Pan

Merten & Storck

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Even if this pan is crafted using carbon steel materials, it functions like cast iron pans. Meaning, the pan heats up quickly and retains heat so your food can cook slowly and evenly. The pan is safe to use in the oven when roasting or grilling as it can withstand heat levels of 600 degrees F. The pan comes pre-seasoned and has a non-stick finishing preventing foods from sticking when cooking. Also, if you are trying to adopt healthy eating, the pan supports little cooking oil.

What we like
  • This carbon steel pan has a long ergonomic handle
  • You can cook with the pan in an oven
  • This pan features a lightweight style


The pan comes with silicon sealing. Thus you require rinsing and begin to use. This pan is safe to cook with on all stoves, including inductions

8. YOSUKATA Coating-Free

YOSUKATA Store Carbon Steel Pans

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With a diameter of 11. 8 inches; this is a large pan you can use to prepare foods for a large serving. The pan is multifunctional since it supports different cooking methods. Cooking with the pan is comfortable as it has two handles that you can also use to hold the pan when pouring foods to serve. The long handle is made with heat-resistant materials, and it is removable for easy cleaning the pan. The heavy-duty carbon steel construction of the pan ensures it lasts and serves you for a long time.

What we like
  • This pan is quite large for preparing large servings
  • The pan has two handles for easy pouring of foods
  • This carbon steel pan does not take long to heat up
  • It has heat resistant wood handle


With a dimension of 11.8 inches around, this pan is large to prepare a large serving. This pan is not just made with regular carbon steel materials, as it has a quality carbon steel construction.

7. Carbon steel wok pan flat bottom pan with lid


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One feature you will love about this carbon steel pan is that it comes with a lid. So, you don’t have to hustle looking for a lid to cover your foods when cooking. The pan has a cooking space of 12.5 inches to accommodate a lot of foods when cooking. This pan is safe to use with most fires ranging from gas, stovetops, inductions, and electric gas. This makes it a great option to use outdoors when camping or even at the home garden when you have guests over. If you love making your foods with little oil, this is the right pan to buy since it has a non-stick coating that prevents foods from sticking even when you use little oil. This design also supports different cooking methods that require low to high heat.

What we like
  • This is a unique and durable cooking pan
  • This carbon steel pan comes with 30 days money refund warranty
  • The pan has strong and durable materials that do not rust or corrode
  • The package comes with a carbon steel spoon


This is a versatile carbon steel pan you can use for most cooking methods. The coating on this pan is safe and has no chemicals for your safety.

6. Delihom Carbon Steel Pan, Skillet Omelette Pan

Delihom Carbon Steel Pans

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A multifunctional cooking pan suitable for all home settings. This is a pan you can use to fry sautee, roast among others. The pan features quality carbon steel materials construction that heats up pretty fast and ensures even heat distribution for even cooking foods. This pan is made with natural carbon steel materials with zero chemical finishing. Thus, it is a reliable pan you can use to make healthy meals for your family. The other feature design on this pan is the extra-long handle that provides a great and comfortable gripping space. Also, the pan stays cool throughout for your safety when cooking under high heat.

What we like
  • This pan is compatible with most fires
  • The pan has a natural carbon steel construction that has zero chemical residuals
  • The pan’s handle has a loop for hanging to store


  • The pan has a non-stick coating to prevent foods from sticking while reducing the amount of oil you use to cook.

5. BK Cookware Black Carbon Steel Skillet


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Coming from one of the most known manufacturing companies, this carbon steel pan has quality construction that guarantees durability and convenience in cooking. This pan has three layers of black steel construction, making it much denser than other materials like aluminum. So, the pan has more power to retain heat and even heat up quickly to save your cooking time. This pan is safe to clean with water since the strong steel materials do not rust or corrode from exposure to moisture.

What we like
  • This pan naturally develops non-stick patina coating for safety when cooking
  • You can cook with it in an oven with 600 degrees F heat
  • This pan is triple denser than aluminum materials
  • The pan comes pre-seasoned to safeguard it when used under high heat


  • With thick carbon steel construction, this is a quality pan you can use under high heat. The pan is compatible with an oven and can withstand heat levels of 600 degrees F

4. Magefesa Carbon on Steel 9″ Paella Pan

Magefesa Carbon Steel Pans

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If you are searching for small carbon steel for small cooking needs in your home, get this steel pan from Magefesa. The pan has a dimension of 9inches diameter and can prepare foods for a single to two servings. The pan features two handles for comfortable holding to put food on fire or even remove from fire. Some of the fires you can use to cook on with this carbon steel pan include ovens, gas, firewood, among others.

What we like
  • This pan has dual handles for a comfortable grip to remove from heat
  • The pan is made with heavy-duty premium carbon materials
  • This pan takes a few minutes to heat up


With dual riveted handles, this pan is comfortable to hold when either putting or removing from fire. The carbon steel materials used in construction take little time to heat up and heats evenly for good heat to disperse to the cooking foods.

3. Garcima 13-inch Carbon Steel Paella Pan


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This is an affordable carbon steel pan ideal for making foods for medium to large family settings. Cooking with the pan is quite comfortable since it has dual handles for comfortable grasping to pour foods after cooking. When it comes to fire compatibility, this is a convenient pan you can use with different fires ranging from open fire, gas, electric stoves, and even ovens.

What we like
  • Maintaining this pan is easy since you need to rub oil after cleaning
  • The pan is quite large for preparing large serving
  • This pan has two ergonomic handles


With a dimension of 13 inches, this is a reliable pan for preparing large servings. This pan is compatible with most types of fires.

2. Denmark Tools for Cooks Carbon Steel Collection Grill Pan

Denmark Carbon Steel Pans

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Made with heavy-duty carbon steel materials, this is a quality pan to last you for a long. This also makes it a safe pan to cook in an oven to withstand high heat levels. This pan comes pre-seasoned for safety, plus it is easy to clean after use. The long handle is ergonomic for your comfort to hold when turning food or taking off the fire.

What we like
  • This steel pan can withstand a heat level of 500 degrees F
  • You can cook with this pan on all cooktops
  • The pan comes pre-seasoned
  • It has a non-stick coating


This heavy-duty carbon steel pan is safe to cook in an oven with a heat level of 500 degrees F.

1. Lodge Manufacturing Company


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The pan has 12 gauge heavy-duty carbon steel constructions, so rest assured it would last you for a long time. The heavy-duty construction of the pan supports varying cooking methods that require low to high heat. You can use the pan to grill, saute, and fry, and even stew foods. The long handle has a silicon heat-resistant handle cover for a comfortable grip.

What we like
  • You can cook with this pan in an oven with 500 degrees F
  • The pan is made with quality carbon steel materials construction
  • This is a multifunctional cooking pan


This pan has a silicone handle holder that stays cold for easy holding to remove from heat. The pan has premium heavy-duty 12 gauge steel material crafting


The carbon steel pans come in different styles, designs, and even sizes. These are the top ten quality carbon steel pans ideal for large to small families. The majority of these pans are compatible with different types of fires and can be used with ovens. So, find the perfect carbon steel pan for your cooking from these reviews.