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Best Butcher Knife Sets of 2024

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What features make up a good butcher knife? It has to have a sharp and deep blade that can smoothly cut and slice the meat. The butcher knife has to be strong and have an ergonomic handle so you can get a good grip when cutting your meat. The butcher knives are made in different styles, where some are multifunctional such that you can use the knife for boning, trimming, chopping, and slicing. In contrast, others are only recommendable for butchering and boning. Well, with no further ado, let us review the top ten best butcher knives with the best rating in 2024.

Best Butcher Knife Sets

10. DALSTRONG Butcher & Breaking Knife-10 Inch


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The smooth cutting edge of this knife allows you to trim, slice and even remove fat from any meat. The knife has a blade size of 10 inches that provides enough working space, especially when working on a large chunk of meat. The construction of this butcher knife involves careful crafting using heavy-duty materials and finishing for smooth and sharp cutting results. Working with the butcher knife is comfortable as not only does it have a comfortable gripping handle, but it has a cutting angle of 15 degrees on both sides.

What we like
  • This butcher knife has high-carbon 7CR17MOV-X super-steel materials
  • The knife has a beautiful black finishing
  • It is a comfortable knife to handle when working


A unique butcher knife made with high-carbon 7CR17MOV-X super-steel. The knife is ergonomic, so rest assured to get total comfort when working.

9. Jero 4 Piece P3 Butcher Meat Processing Set


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This set of butcher knives has three knives with a blade size of 10, 8, and 6 inches. You don’t have to struggle to look for a sharpener compatible with your knives since they come packed with a steel sharpener. So, rest assured to maintain these knives at the right sharp edge for easy cutting meat. The knives’ blade consists of German High-Carbon stainless steel blades that have been hardened for strength and even fast cutting results.

What we like
  • The handles of these knives have impact and temperature resistant materials for durability
  • These knives are light as each piece weighs 2 pounds
  • You can use the knives to crush bones


A set of three quality knives made with premium carbon steel materials are safe to cut through all meat types. These knives come with a sharpener to keep the blades sharp

8. Global GF-27-7 inch, 16cm Heavyweight Butcher’s Knife

Global Butcher Knife Sets

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A well-known global butcher knife that will never let you down when preparing your meat in the kitchen. The other classic design of this butcher knife is the molded handle to the blade, so it does not wobble or come off when cutting the tough meat. With stainless steel and a very sharp edge, this is a butcher knife you can use to cut most meats. Also, you can use the knife to slice, chop, remove bones and trim the fat.

What we like
  • The handle is molded to the blade of the knife for strength
  • The blade is made with quality high-tech CROMOVA stainless steel materials
  • The knife is comfortable to hold when working with it


The stainless steel molded handle of this butcher knife has dimple holes that offer a firm grip on the hands when working.

7. Rada Cutlery Stubby Butcher Knife

Rada Cutlery Butcher Knife Sets

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For people who need a butcher knife for home use on a budget, I believe this model would be a great option. It is an affordable butcher knife made with quality materials for pretty much butchering any meat ranging from beef, poultry, and fish. Still, this is a multifunctional knife you can use for other jobs like cutting fruits and vegetables to cook. The knife is made with stainless steel blade treated against rusting and corrosion.

What we like
  • You can wash this butcher knife in a dishwasher
  • The knife ships with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
  • The knife is multifunctional when it comes to food preparation job


Retailing at less than 20 dollars, this is a multifunctional butcher knife you can utilize for preparing meat, vegetables, and fruits in the kitchen.

6. Kitory Butcher Boning Knife Forged Meat Cleaver Knife


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Another quality and well-forged carbon steel butcher knife that also works as a cleaver knife. This knife is made with a thick yet sharp blade that easily cuts bones when slicing meat. The knife has an ergonomic and well-finished handle that offers a comfortable space to hold as you butcher the meat.

What we like
  • This is a versatile knife you can utilize as a cleaver knife too
  • This knife only has quality materials crafting
  • It has a full tang for balance when working


This butcher/ cleaver knife is hand forged using carbon steel materials that are strong and durable. The knife also comes with a 30 days money refund if it does not meet your expectations.

5. Univinlions Hand Forged Butcher Knife for Meat Cutting Meat Knife


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This is an all-around kitchen knife you can use to light complex tasks such as crushing meat, trimming fat, cutting your steak to cook, and even cutting vegetables. The knife has a high-quality bade forged from carbon steel material. The blade is further finished with non-rust and corrosion materials that protect it even after exposure to moisture and different foods. Apart from having an ergonomic and robust handle, this knife also has a full tang crafting to ensure excellent balance when chopping.

What we like
  • This is a multifunctional butcher knife you can utilize as a cleaver knife
  • The knife has high carbon steel materials crafting
  • The blade of this knife is treated against rust and corrosion


A multifunctional butcher/cleaver knife that can cut any meat, including boney fresh. The full tang handle provides an ergonomic holding position.

4. TITAN FORGE – Butcher & Breaking Knife


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The overall blade of this butcher knife is made of ultra-sharp 7cr17mov high-carbon stainless steel. The edges are finished with carbon and chromium that increasing the longevity of the sharpness. The complete tang design of this knife is another excellent craft that allows the user to have a better balance of the knife, especially when working from different angles. This butcher knife is recommendable for butchering all kinds of meat. The 10-inch long blade can swiftly cut through any meat, including boney meat.

What we like
  • The handle is modified to offer the perfect grip
  • This is a durable butcher knife that stays sharp for long
  • The edges are sharp and cut at an angle of 12 to 14 degrees on either side


This knife is handcrafted with ultra-sharp 7cr17mov high-carbon stainless steel, finished with carbon and chromium on the edges for durability and sharpness.

3. DALSTRONG Bull Nose Butcher Knife – 10″ – Shadow Black Series

DALSTRONG Butcher Knife Sets

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The broader and longer design of this butcher knife allows you to cut any meat technically. So, if you need a knife to slice fish, poultry, beef, and other types of meat, this is a must-have knife. The knife has a serrated blade which is a plus since you can comfortably cut even the slimy meats safely. The blade is crafted from a single forge of carbon steel material solid and sharp enough to cut any meat. Can this knife rust? Well no! It is finished with Nitride non-reflective coating that secures it from rust, corrosion, and even fading. So, clean up your knife water after cutting that fish fillet.

What we like
  • The blade angle is ergonomic for excellent cutting
  • The knife is multifunctional
  • This butcher knife does not rust corrode or lose its texture and color


This exceptionally crafted butcher knife has quality carbon steel coated to secure the blade from rust, corrosion, and other damages.

2. Multipurpose Viking Knives, Butcher Knives

Smith Chu Butcher Knife Sets

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If you love outdoor adventures such as fishing or hunting and preparing the meats in the woods, I bet this butcher knife will suit you. The knife is forged with the best steel materials, and the blade has been hardened to cut most meat, including bones, quickly. This knife does a fantastic job in butchering different animals, including fish. Not only will it serve you as a butcher knife, but you can also use it for cooking other food ingredients when cooking outdoor. So, one knife is enough as long you have this model from Viking.

What we like
  • This knife comes with a sheath for storing and carrying
  • This is a multifunctional meat knife
  • The knife ships with a two-year warranty


This is a multifunctional butcher knife you can use to cut, slice, debone and butcher all types of animal meats.

1. DALSTRONG Butcher’s Breaking Cimitar Knife

DALSTRONG Butcher Knife Sets

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Every butchery requires a sharp knife that can quickly grind through any meat when serving. This knife from DALSTROG has proven to be an excellent and recommendable butcher knife even in busy places. It could be due to the construction since it is made with forged carbon steel materials. With several heat treatments, this butcher knife is quite strong and does not quickly get blunt. So, the sharp edge smoothly cuts through the meat and other foods like bread.

What we like
  • The knife has a beautiful ergonomic and ambidextrous black G10 handle
  • The blade of this knife is hardened to strengthen it for better performance
  • For quality assurance, this butcher knife comes with a lifetime warranty


This is a flexible knife designed to slice through flesh, breakthrough cartilage and trim fat from beef, pork, and even fish.


A good butcher knife determines the consistency and safety when cutting any meat. These are the top ten best butcher knives you need to check out if you are looking for a butcher knife. The knives have quality material and are pretty much comfortable working with.